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Batsmen with Lowest Dot Ball % in the PSL

Batsmen with Lowest Dot Ball % in the PSL

Many can argue that the T20 batting is all about power hitting and smelting the ball out of the park but modern cricketing nous is to be busy at the crease. Batsmen with the ability to build their innings and pace themselves effectively have proved to be well suited for this format. Such batsmen have usually low dot-ball percentage throughout their innings.

To compile a list of batsmen with the lowest dot ball % in the Pakistan Super League, only batsmen who have batted for a minimum of 120 balls were considered to make it a fair call. Dot ball % has been calculated by dividing the number of dot balls a batsman has faced by the total number of balls he has faced in the PSL and multiplying the result by 100.

5. Shahid Afridi

157 balls, 51 dot balls, 32.48 % age dot balls, 168.15 strike rate

Owing much to his aggressive batting approach, it is obvious why Shahid Afridi features in our list. The all-rounder has failed to hit a scoring shot on just 51 of the 157 balls he has faced in the PSL. His strike rate of 168.15 is the highest for any batsman that has batted for a minimum of 120 balls in the tournament.

4. Kevin Pietersen

324 balls, 105 dot balls, 32.41 % dot balls, 140.74 strike rate

Kevin Pietersen is one of the leading run scorers in the PSL and he has scored these runs with a flattering strike rate of 140.74. Off the 324 balls KP has faced in the PSL, he has failed to deduce a run on only 105 balls. His meagre dot ball % of 32.41 puts him at no. 4 in our list.

3. Shakib Al Hasan

168 balls, 54 dot balls, 32.14 % dot balls, 107.14 strike rate

A strike rate of nearly run-a-ball demonstrates Shakib Al Hasan’s busyness at the crease. Only 32.14 % of the balls that he has faced in the PSL have been dot balls thus ensuring that the scoreboard keeps on ticking with ones and twos. This gives him no. 3 position in our list.

2. Sam Billings

128 balls, 41 dot balls, 32.03 % dot balls, 130.47 strike rate

The ability to keep the flow of runs gushing in the middle overs without consuming too many balls has made Sam Billings a constant figure of the Islamabad United franchise. The Englishman has only played 41 of his 128 balls in the PSL as dot balls thus maintaining a dot ball % of mere 32.03 percent.

1. Sarfraz Ahmed

285 balls, 84 dot balls, 29.47 % dot balls, 123.16 strike rate

Either he is captaining his side from behind the stumps or steering his side with the bat in front of the stumps, Sarfraz Ahmed likes to keep himself. This is evident from the fact that off the 285 balls he has faced in the PSL, he has scored a run at least from 281 balls. His dot ball % of 29.47 % is the best for any batsman that fits the qualification of 120 balls faced.

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