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We're Back!

We're Back!

The Story of Cricingif

How many times has it happened that you were watching a slow and uneventful cricket match of dot ball after dot ball, and as soon as you excused yourself to the bathroom, a wicket fell? To add to your regret of not having gone earlier, you’re now at the mercy of the TV director and when he decides to show a replay. Or suppose you’re at work, focusing on a presentation when the batsman falls. Social media won’t get the highlights for at least another couple of hours, and your best bet is to read a paragraph of what happened on ESPN Cricinfo or Cricbuzz. That is the problem Cricingif set out to solve.

Cricingif was conceived in 2013 as the world’s first live cricket highlights platform and was officially incorporated in late 2014 as a private limited company. We focused on speed and efficiency, and our website, provided the fastest ball-by-ball live cricket scores on the internet, along with a clip of every ball. We were 4-6 seconds faster than ESPN Cricinfo on average.

This sudden rise attracted the attention of cricket boards and copyrights enforcers, who sent us DMCA takedown notices and also reported our social media handles, which were blocked overnight. Suddenly our entire platform was blocked and our reach was cut off. What was 30,000 users a month suddenly became a few tens at best. We learned the hard way that without licensing and digital content rights, we would be unable to provide any meaningful form of coverage. We were even forced to take down the website.

Cricket boards and copyrights enforcers ... reported our social media handles, which were suspended overnight. Suddenly our entire platform was blocked.

We had always heard that digital content licensing was a very expensive business, which is why so few startups dared venture into sports coverage. However, we began reaching out to any and everybody we felt would be related to the space in an effort to try and work something out, as our approach had been validated and too valuable to just give up. When the public begins tweeting about the void in their life Cricingif filled, concerned journalists ask you why your site is down and if there is any hack, any IP games, any way to still access what you provided, you don’t leave them hanging.

While we still haven’t figured everything out, fast forward a couple of months, and we’re back!

We no longer provide [coverage] only during live matches, but we also help users stay on top of the game before and after matches as well.

Apart from an awesome new design, several things have changed about the platform. We no longer provide value only during live matches, but we also help users stay on top of the game before and after matches as well. Ball-by-ball clips are still an important part of our live match coverage, and we have worked hard to improve the overall match viewing experience. We are also introducing fun and engaging articles on all things cricket. At the same time, we are also going to be focusing on improving the personalization and engagement of the platform, so that users are as connected to the game as they wish to be.

Another important change to the way we’re doing things from now on is that all of our content is licensed. This may or may not change things for you, depending on whether we have the content licensing and copyrights figured out for your country.

This is an important milestone in our journey, and we really appreciate your sticking by us through thick and thin. We’re working hard to improve, and we hope you like the new Cricingif!