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Best Fielding Moments of PSL2017

Best Fielding Moments of PSL2017

Little fielding moments can create a huge impact when nothing is going the way of the bowling sides. History has seen sides defending a low score or turning the complexion of matches upside down with brilliance in the field. A well judged catch or a direct hit in a crucial match situation can sometimes have more affect on the outcome of the match than a batsman scoring a 100 or a bowler picking up wickets.

The Highest Impactful Fielding Moments of the PSL have been calculated by dividing the difficulty of the fielding moment with the available resources of the batting team. The available resources account for the wickets in hand and runs required getting. The Top 5 of the list from these little crucial moments of the PSL are:

5. Hasan Ali runs out Morne van Wyk from Fine Leg (The Final in Lahore)

Direct hits always have a certain risk factor associated with them when sneaking a quick single. Hasan Ali did the same to van Wyk when he edged the ball to fine leg and tried to steal a few. He looked comfortable at first but replays showed him short of his crease. His wicket created a +9.75 impact in Peshawar’s win in the final.

4. Shane Watson running out Mohammad Irfan Jr. off his own bowling (Match 14)

Much tells about the heights of agility of a bowler when he affects a run-out off his own bowling. Irfan Jr. tried to steal a quick single against Watson who was quick enough to swivel across, gather the ball and break the stumps. This yielded an impact of +10.50 as Lahore lost half of its side.

3. Yasir Shah running out Mohammad Nawaz from Point (Match 2)

A direct hit at the bowler’s end to reduce Quetta Gladiators half-down made a fielding impact of +10.50 in the match. Yasir Shah, fielding at point, picked the ball cleanly and threw it effortlessly to catch Mohammad Nawaz short of his crease despite a full stretched dive.

2. Darren Sammy’s one-handed catch slip to dismiss Babar Azam (Match 3)

A thick outside edge off Babar Azam’s bat looked almost certain to beat the diving hands of Darren Sammy at slip but he held it was much calm and composure that it looked like a regulation catch. The dismissal generated an impact of +13.50 in the match. The selfie-gig that followed made it the moment of the PSL.

1. Chris Jordan running out Sohail Tanvir from Mid-On (Match 6)

A bullet-like throw from mid-on to deny Sohail Tanvir a stupid single is the Highest Impact Moment of the PSL 2017 with a rating of +15.75. Sohail, running diagonally to avoid the bowler, looked to have no intentions to complete the run. Fakhar Zaman was left stranded on the other end for the umpteenth time.

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