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A List Of Different Types Of Cricket Viewers

A List Of Different Types Of Cricket Viewers

Every cricket fan knows that the second you switch on your television, it’s guaranteed that both friends and family are bound to flock around the couch. With each flock, comes a unique set of cricket fans that always make the match a little… Interesting.

1. The Innocent Bystander

The innocent bystander is often the victim of the single television family. They did not ask for this, in fact they know next to nothing about cricket, and mostly just want the television to themselves.

Chances are, the Innocent Bystander is fan of football.

2. The Loud Speaker

Every neighborhood’s fear; the Loud Speaker’s shouts of “Catch It!” and “OUT!!” can be heard far and wide. Depending on the match, they may even throw in a few colorful words about the cricketers and their mother.

Whether it’s a strong bout of passion or just a cry for attention, we’ll never know. Nevertheless, the Loud Speakers are deadly for one’s ear drums when found in large groups.

3. The Social Butterfly

Whether it’s a wide, an out, or a misfield; the Social Butterfly is on the job to offer titillating and never-ending commentary. Of course, this commentary isn’t just limited to the verbal variety for their weapons of mass destruction is social media.

Offering play by play status updates filled with hashtags, the Social Butterfly isn’t afraid to ask to pause the match just so they can take a game selfie.

4. The Superstitious

“You walked into the room and the player got out! This is your fault, you are not leaving the room now!” is just one of the many accusations the Superstitious throws your way.

Armed with hawk like vision, the Superstitious sees all and is there to undo any jinx you might throw the team’s way; don’t even think about praising the batsmen for their six streak, or talk about how good the fielding is in their presence. Unless you want to get splashed with some holy water.

5. The Conspiracy Theorist

At the first sign of trouble, the Conspiracy Theorist is ready to jump into action with accusations of match fixing and bribes. Often times, you’ll see them yelling at the screen before corralling others to join in because it’s definitely always the umpire’s fault and that was clearly out.

Don’t poke the bear because the conspiracy theorist is ready to do a frame by frame analysis of the shot and isn’t afraid to blame the cricket board for selling out.

6. The Blocker

The Blocker is a cricket fan’s greatest foe. Sitting in wait, the Blocker waits for the most nail biting moment of the match before they strike by moving from their spot and blocking the TV.

Whether it’s to “answer their phone,” or simply give the fan a heart attack, the Blocker employers another manoeuvre by continuously asking about the ins and outs of the match… Only to ask the exact same thing moments later.

7. The Unicorn

Named so because of their rarity, the Unicorn is all but extinct. Like the Innocent Bystander, the Unicorn knows next to nothing about cricket but they don’t care; they’re just happy to be there.