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Cricket Players And Their Superhero Counterparts

Cricket Players And Their Superhero Counterparts

Cricket players are basically superheroes in our eyes; out to save the game and win it all for our country by defeating the villains in their way. Sure, they may not have real super powers (though some may argue otherwise) but if cricketers were to be compared to classical superheroes, it’d go a little something like this.

1. Chris Gayle – The Hulk

The recent PSL series definitely proved one thing; Gayle is still in full form. Though he may have started the League out as mild-mannered Bruce Banner, once he hit his stride, he transformed into a six hitting monster. Much like the Hulk, Gayle is guaranteed to knock it out of the park with an enormous swing; you just have to poke him a little till he gets mad.

Gayle smash!

2. Ellyse Perry – Wonder Woman

A woman of many talents; Perry is the youngest person to represent Australia in cricket however that’s not all; this multi-talented woman has got both cricket and football covered, juggling both sports professionally and having since appeared in both the cricket and football World Cups. A woman who can kick butt? Hmm, sound familiar?

The talented all-rounder certainly is a powerhouse athlete who gets extra points for preferring cricket over football.

3. Kieron Pollard – Mr. Fantastic

There’s no ball this West Indies all-rounder can’t catch. Often seen flying around the ground, and coming in at a massive height of 6’6”, there are times when Pollard seems to overshadow the pitch itself! Providing big hitting and aggressive gameplay from the middle order, one almost starts to wonder if it’s really the bat as work or simply Pollard working his stretching magic.

A master at blocking those boundary shots; Pollard is a shoe-in for Mr. Fantastic with limbs that seem to extend for ages to grab that ball.

4. Dale Styen – The Flash

His name is Dale Steyn, and he is the fastest man alive. The South African fast paced bowler’s speed is paralleled to none at the moment, with his deliveries stumping even the most experienced of batsmen. Add in the fact that he was one of the fastest players to reach 400 test wickets and that his average speed clocks in at 145 km/h.

Hmm, would that make Shoaib Akhtar Reverse Flash?

5. Virat Kohli – Thor

Wielding his bat like an extension of his arm, it’s no surprise that the Indian batsman is being equated to the god of thunder especially he puts the hammer down. Striking shots after shots, you can practically hear the crack of thunder as each ball powerfully connects with the wood.

Knowing when to go all out, and when to play it safe; Virat Kohli is definitely worthy to wield the bat.

6. Yuvraj Singh – Superman

The former captain is known for his cool thinking on the field, his excellent rapport with his teammates, and his stunning performance with the bat; all that’s missing are the glasses. The Indian all-rounder’s successful battle against cancer and his powerful return to the sport certainly proved that he’s the Man of Steel

His demeanor often leads people to underestimate him but his constant performance with the bat and ball definitely gives us pause as to wonder whether he really does have laser vision and super strength.

7. Captain America – Kumar Sangakkara

He may not be the captain of his team anymore but the Sri Lankan batsman and wicket keeper has solidified himself as his country’s national hero. He may be the oldest on the team but his experience on the field is on par with his class and prowess with the wickets; when cricket greats praise your game for being flawless, you know you’ve got something to be proud of.

Sangakkara may have retired from the Sri Lankan tea, but he’s still smashing away in tournaments like the PSL.

8. Green Arrow – AB de Villiers

Barring the fact that this South African is one of the fieriest batsman, the captain of the ODI squad never seems to miss his target; whether with a bat in his hands, or behind the stumps. Known for being a little unorthodox especially as a wicket keeper; it seems like De Villiers is never afraid to step out of his comfort zone, much like the emerald archer himself.

He may have ruled himself out from most of the test matches this year but rest assured the South African captain hasn’t failed his city yet.

9. Misbah ul Haq – Batman

He’s not the captain that Pakistan deserves, but the one they desperately need and so far, Papa Misbah has not disappointed. Holding the record for the fastest test half century and responsible for leading Islamabad United to victory in the first PSL; this batsman is always out to prove his critics wrong with his cool and calm composure on the field.

Much like the Dark Knight, Misbah ul Haq doesn’t have the talent (aka superpowers) most were born with but worked hard to get where he is today; adjusting himself to various roles up and down the batting order whenever his team requires.