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All credit to Shashank Manohar for Big3 dissolution – Chairman PCB

All credit to Shashank Manohar for Big3 dissolution – Chairman PCB

On the dissolution of Big3

Nobody paid a heed to India in the recent ICC board meeting in Dubai despite the BCCI pressing against the constitution. We have come on a track that will allow us to pass the constitution during the ICC’s Annual General Meeting in June. Since the Australian and English cricket boards have joined us in the opposition of the Big3 model, the BCCI have become weak.

The BCCI did not oppose the governance model that stringently as compared to the financial model. Sri Lanka, however, came out against the governance model. We have gotten 10 votes and there are two votes in the opposition, which means that the constitution has been passed twice. We stuck to our position to keep the new constitution democratic. There is no room for Big3 in it.

The most important thing in the new constitution is the change in the financial model. India is still earning more than the next highest earning board i.e. ECB. India is getting 16 percent share of the ICC revenue and England is getting 8 percent. The rest, including Pakistan, are getting 7 percent.

On Shashank Manohar’s role

Shashank Manohar’s role has been of great significance in bringing in the new constitution. Despite being the president of the BCCI, he had been condemning the idea of Big3 from day one, calling it ‘unfair’. All credit is due to him for this change.

 PCB praised for the successful PSL final during the ICC board meeting. - AFP

PCB praised for the successful PSL final during the ICC board meeting. - AFP

On the World XI tour in September

The PCB has been praise for the successful organisation of the PSL final in Lahore. There were eight security officials from different Test nations to monitor the security. Some of the reports that the PCB received, after the representatives sent them to their respective boards, term the security to be good. The threat, however, remains. On the basis of these reports, Giles Clarke, head of ICC Task Force on Pakistan, has decided to send a World XI to Pakistan for a three-match series. The team will comprise of active cricketers. The captain maybe a recently retired cricketer. We wanted to host a match in Karachi, but since the representatives of the nations had only supervised the security arrangements in Lahore, hence, they have insisted on hosting all the games at the same venue. We had to agree with the idea.

On sending a legal notice to the BCCI

We have suffered a huge loss due to Big3 as none of the series, signed under the MoU in 2014, materialised. I told the BCCI representative that Pakistan wants to play cricket with India. We lose $100 million every time we miss out a series against India. So, I told him to compensate us or we will take a legal action. We have told the BCCI chairman to expect a letter from our side in a week’s time. We will take legal action against India next week and our case will be taken up in the ICC Dispute Resolution Committee.

Our boards, however, have had great relations despite tensions on the political front.

On Salman Butt’s return

Salman Butt is 35. He has not performed in the Pakistan Cup. He will have to wait and improve his performances. Selectors are looking to give chances to the younger players. Sharjeel Khan is benched for a while. Sahibzada Farhan has scored four fifties and a century in the tournament. We want to give such kids a chance who are around 21, 22, and 23.

On the postponement of the Bangladesh series

We told the BCB that this will be our third tour of Bangladesh on the trot, hence, this should be our home series. If they cannot come to Pakistan, we can play at a neutral venue. The U.A.E was expensive for us, so, we had shortlisted Sri Lanka, but the Sri Lankan team will be playing a series at home during the same time-frame. BCB president Najmul Hasan and I agreed mutually to postpone the series.

On getting bio-mechanics lab accredited

We are looking forward to the ICC accreditation for our bio-mechanics lab in Lahore. We are hopeful that by June, we will get recognised by the ICC. If done, we will become the sixth country to have an ICC accredited lab. This will help us to deal with the problems of doubtful bowling actions.