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9 Things That Summed Up My Childhood as a Cricket Fan

9 Things That Summed Up My Childhood as a Cricket Fan

We all have that one sport we grew up with that has become an integral part of our lives and holds some of our fondest memories. For me, that sport was, and always will be cricket. Between the various scrapped knees, the stitched up pants, and the lost balls; these are the moments that truly sum up the childhood of a cricket fan.

1. A Pivotal Present

It all starts with an out of the blue with a gift from the parents; that iconic plastic bat and a tennis ball. From then on, they’re your best friends for life.. even if you can’t hit a straight shot. But hey, that’s what all those training sessions on the lawn are for!

As long as you avoid the windows!

2. After School Shenanigans

That feeling when you’re back from school and are done with all your homework just in time for an early evening round of street cricket with all the neighborhood kids.

If it goes in the house; it’s automatically out, if it goes in the bushes it’s a ‘2-D“.

3. Out of Bounds Ball

Street cricket is all fun and games until you hit the ball into the grumpy uncle’s house; nothing compares to that feeling of fear as you approach the doorbell after sneaking a peek at where the ball actually fell.

After that, it’s your best game of puppy dog eyes and “Uncle Jee,” while you hope for the best.
4. House Arrest

When you’re banned from going outside to play a game of cricket because you have a Math test the next day even though everyone else is outside having the time of their lives.

Curse you Algebra; we don’t even need you.

5. Family Day

You know it’s going down when the whole family gets together; an impromptu game of cricket in the lawn is the crux of any family lunch.

There’s always that one cousin who knows how to smash it out of the house!

6. Cricket on the TV

Be it the World Cup, a One Day, or a T20; if Pakistan is playing, you’re bound to find everyone huddled up in front of the TV.

Couch space is optional.

7. Those Commercials

As a kid, there’s nothing like watching the look of horror on your parent’s face as they try to find the remote to skip that awkward contraceptive commercial during the match break.

Though let’s be honest, anything is better than that Allied Bank kid.

8. Better Than You

There’s no greater feeling as a kid than defending your favorite cricket player by going into long heated discussions with the kid next door.

You’re right, they’re wrong; end of story.

9. My Hero

Your favorite cricketer is everything you want to be when you grow up. From getting a cricket kit with his name and number on it to going as far as to drink Pepsi because he was in that one commercial; we’re all pretty much guilty of that, aren’t we?