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A Game of Wickets: Cricket Personas and Their Game of Thrones Counterparts

A Game of Wickets: Cricket Personas and Their Game of Thrones Counterparts

When you play the game of wickets, you either win or you’re dead in the eyes of your countrymen. Which is why you’ve got to play the game with tact and a strategy that Tyrion himself would be proud of.

When we think of the colorful characters on HBO’s hit series, a few cricket players and their coaches come to mind:

Mickey Arthur - Ser Davos

Both have risen from the ashes of monumental losses to lead their armies to victory. Mickey Arthur may have botched up the job with Australia but much like Davos’ loss as commander of Stannis’ army, Mickey ended up leading Pakistan to victory during the Champions Trophy with the odds stacked against them.

Hmm, sound familiar?

Chris Gayle - Khal Drogo

The two warriors share a massive swing on the battlefield and a surprisingly playful demeanour off of it. While Gayle may not be undefeated in terms of victories on the battlefield, his love for big sixes parallels only that of the Khal’s duty to his people.

Moral of the story; don’t make any of them angry

The Night King - AB De Villiers

Capable of bringing down dragons (Sorry Viserion!) with unreal aim, the power of the Night King and the South African batsmen are unparalleled. Rated as the number one batsman in both Tests and ODIs, De Villiers inspires fear into the hearts of his opponents the second he steps up to the crease.

Jorah Mormont - Kevin Pietersen

He was at the top before he came crashing down; exiled by his former team and never to return. Sound familiar? Besides their on-again and off-again relationships with their team, both Jorah and Pietersen share a contained rage on the field that wreaks havoc once it’s loose.

We’re rooting for both of them to come out of the friend zone.

Eddard Stark - Sachin Tendulkar

Two men bound by their principles and respected by those around him, both Tendulkar and Ned Stark carry a rich legacy well after their retirement. With the ability to inspire their armies to victory, they also share an uncanny ability at being horrible when it comes to playing politics.

They prefer to let their honor and their swords do the talking.

David Warner - The Hound

The bad boy of cricket’s “don’t care” attitude resonates well with the Hound and while the two have generated quite a bit of controversy, they’ve also evolved over the years from being a loner to a team player. Warner’s success in the IPL and the Hound’s partnership with Jon Snow’s group is proof of that.

Plus, the two have a habit of not playing by the rules.

Ben Stokes - Tormund

Our two favorite gingers share more than just a similar hair color, in fact the two have suffered their fair share of major setbacks on the field even with the knowledge of the game that they possess. One could chalk it up to bad luck with Tormund losing the assault on the Wall while Stokes suffered a massive defeat at the hands of Carlos Braithwaite in the WT20 final.

Fret not, since the cricketer and the Wildling are doing quite well for themselves.

Heather Knight - Daenerys Targaryen

The Khaleesi and the Captain of the English Women’s Cricket Team have both secured their fair shares of victories for their team. With Knight’s recent victory in the World Cup and Daenerys’ return to Westeros; the two certainly have an army of dragons at their side and won’t let anything stand in their way.

They’re definitely going to ask you to bend the knee.

Sarah Taylor - Arya Stark

Arya’s speed with Needle matches only that of Sarah’s speed with the gloves. In fact, many even consider the English cricket player to possess enough skill to go up against her male counterparts; just like the young Stark. With the two known for going against the odds, it’s no surprise that their charm and their passion have gained an immense following.

Valar Morghulis.