ENG vs SA, 2nd ODI, England v South Africa ODI Series 2017, 27 May 2017

(50 ov)
(50.0 ov)

England won by 2 runs

Scorecard Summary

South Africa
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Ov 50: 1 1 0 1 0 1lb ( 4 Runs )

49.6 - M Wood to C Morris

MARK WOOD, YOU BEAUTY! What a fantastic last over from the pacer. Excellent, excellent stuff. It's fuller in length and around off, Morris goes for the wild heave across the line but gets an inside edge onto his pads. Rolls over to the off side and a single is taken. He's done the job for his side, absolutely sensational. ENGLAND WIN BY 2 RUNS!

49.5 - M Wood to C Morris

Dot ball! Mark Wood with a peach of a delivery, a crucial delivery to bowl at such a stage. It's short and accurate on leg, Morris looks to pull but misses. 4 needed off the final ball. What's going to happen here?

49.4 - M Wood to D Miller

On the shorter side of the length, David Miller pulls it so hard he almost take the square leg umpire's head out. He takes evasive action and does extremely well to save a trip to the hospital. Goes to the man in the deep as a run is taken. 4 from 2 now.

49.3 - M Wood to D Miller

Dot ball. A precious, precious dot ball. Wood from around the wicket angles in a short ball to David Miller, who makes room to cut. Cannot connect as he's cramped for room and it's into the keeper's gloves. 5 needed off 3 balls.

49.2 - M Wood to C Morris

Changes the angle and comes from over the wicket, short and coming back in, Morris pulls it to fine leg as well and picks up a single.

49.1 - M Wood to D Miller

Short ball angling down, from around the wicket, Miller pulls it to fine leg for a single.
Ov 49: 6 4 1 1 1lb 0 ( 13 Runs )

48.6 - J Ball to C Morris

Another shout for an lbw, turned down again. This was clearly going down leg. Ball fires it full and angles it in, Morris swings and misses to be rapped on the pads. Just 7 needed off the final over, this is now South Africa's match to lose.

48.5 - J Ball to D Miller

Not out! Takes the pace off it and angles it in, Miller is early into the shot as he looks to swing across the line. Hits him on the back pad and England appeal. Nothing from the umpire and the batsmen cross over for a leg bye. The hosts review the decision and it goes upstairs. Replays show that height was the issue and it was probably going down leg too. Never looked out to begin with, more of a desperate attempt really.

48.4 - J Ball to C Morris

On the shorter side of the length, Morris swipes it on the leg side for a single.

48.3 - J Ball to D Miller

Gives the charge to this short ball, it's angling in on middle and leg, David Miller is cramped for room but still manages to pull it along the ground to deep mid-wicket for a single.

48.2 - J Ball to D Miller

FOUR! Go 'head, Davey. Take your side home. Short and wide outside off, it's flayed through point and across the rope for a boundary.

48.1 - J Ball to D Miller

SIX! Now David Miller join in on the action. Oh, boy... He's sent that outta here! Fuller in length, Miller walks across a step and smokes this straight back down the ground. Clears the fence with ease and gets a biggie to his name.