KXIP vs KKR, 49th Match, Indian Premier League 2017, 09 May 2017

(20 ov)
(20.0 ov)

Kings XI Punjab won by 14 runs

Scorecard Summary

Kings XI Punjab
G Maxwell
W Saha
M Vohra
Kolkata Knight Riders
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Ov 20: 1 1 2 1 0 0 ( 5 Runs )

19.6 - S Sharma to C Woakes

PUNJAB HAVE DONE IT! Maxwell punches his fists in the air in delight at the edge of the rope as his team has gotten over the line. Ripper of an over from Sandeep Sharma, he's given just 5 runs in it. Back of a length on the stumps, it's a slower one as Woakes is backing away. Too early into the heave and he bottom edges it back to the keeper on the bounce. That does it, magnificent win for the hosts. PUNJAB WIN BY 14 RUNS!

19.5 - S Sharma to C Woakes

Dot ball, Sandeep Sharma just has to avoid bowling an illegal delivery and his side will be home. Full delivery well outside off, Woakes goes across to scoop it but fails to connect.

19.4 - S Sharma to C D Grandhomme

One more on the fuller side, hit down to long on for a single.

19.3 - S Sharma to C D Grandhomme

Not out! But what a ball from Sandeep Sharma, exceptional. Just wow. He bombs in another accurate yorker on middle, de Grandhomme digs it out back down the ground and comes back for the second as the long on fielder comes running in. The throw is at the striker's end and Colin has to drag his bat in. Saha takes the bails off and it goes upstairs. Replays show he's safe.

19.2 - S Sharma to C Woakes

Right on the money, Chris Woakes looks to smash this low full toss away on the off side by making some room, can manage just an inside edge behind and a single is taken.

19.1 - S Sharma to C D Grandhomme

Spears in an extremely full ball outside off, de Grandhomme drills it through to deep cover. Just a single, good start to the over from Sandeep Sharma.
Ov 19: W 1 0 6 1 1 ( 9 Runs, 1 Wkt )

18.6 - M Sharma to C D Grandhomme

Scintillating. Great piece of bowling. Yorker on off, squeezed out behind towards Saha and a quick run is taken.

18.5 - M Sharma to C Woakes

Low full toss on leg, tailing back in, goes off the inside edge and behind towards the keeper for a single.

18.4 - M Sharma to C Woakes

SIX! WOAH-KES! What a crucial hit, that. Picks up the slower one, it's on a length and he cashes in on it. Heaves it over a leaping Axar Patel at deep mid-wicket and gets a biggie to his name.

18.3 - M Sharma to C Woakes

Slower one outside off, Woakes is early into the shot and misses his hoick completely.

18.2 - M Sharma to C D Grandhomme

Excellent delivery and excellent fielding too from Manan Vohra. Yorker just outside off, de Grandhomme squeezes it out to point and takes a quick run. Vohra dives to his left and saves some extra runs.

18.1 - M Sharma to Y Pathan

OUT! It's the knuckle ball and it's done the trick. Fuller in length and around off, Pathan gives the charge and looks to go big downtown. Is early into the shot and ends up lofting it to Maxwell at long on. He's one of the better fielders and there's no way he's going to drop that, no way. Another wicket down for Punjab, Kolkata are slipping a bit here.