GL vs DC, 50th Match, Indian Premier League 2017, 10 May 2017

(20 ov)
(19.4 ov)

Delhi Daredevils won by 2 wickets

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Gujarat Lions
Delhi Capitals
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19.4 - B Thampi to A Mishra

FOUR! Mishra has won it for Delhi! Thampi bowls it slower but fails to execute his yorker properly. Mishra gets a long way across and scoops it on the full fine down the leg side. Akshdeep Nath the substitute, tries to cut it off with a dive but fails to do so cleanly. The ball touches the fence and DELHI WIN BY 2 WICKETS!

19.3 - B Thampi to A Mishra

FOUR! What a start by Mishra! He comes down the track a touch and flicks it on the full through mid-wicket. Doesn't time it well but finds the gap and it has enough legs on it to run to the fence. This game is turning out to be a super roller-coaster ride. 3 needed off 3 now!

19.2 - B Thampi to S Iyer

OUT! Drags it on! Another twist in the game! Thampi bowls a low full toss around off, Iyer looks to go hard at it. Gets an inside edge and the ball hits the middle stump. The whole of Gujarat camp is delighted. Shreyas Iyer walks back disappointed. He played such a superb knock but has failed to see his team through. Can Thampi win it for Gujarat from hereon?

19.1 - B Thampi to S Iyer

Two Leg byes! Angling into the batsman, Iyer fails to flick it away. The ball goes off the pads fine down the leg side. The players appeal but it's turned down. The batsmen go for a couple. There's a throw at the striker's end but misses. Even Thampi, who is backing up is far away from the stumps. Had he hit or even had Thampi been close to the stumps, Iyer could have been in danger. 7 needed off 5 now.
Ov 19: 1 W 0 1 4 0 ( 6 Runs, 1 Wkt )

18.6 - J Faulkner to M Shami

Almost a yorker on middle, dug out back to the bowler.

18.5 - J Faulkner to M Shami

FOUR! Another misfield! Soni is the culprit this time. Faulkner bowls a slower one. Shami looks to slog it but the bat turns in his hands and the ball slices towards short third man. Soni there, moves to his right but the ball turns away from him. He gets wrong-footed and fails to stop it even by stretching his left hand out. The ball runs to the fence behind. This is pressure.

18.4 - J Faulkner to S Iyer

Low full toss, bunted over mid on. The ball goes on the bounce to Smith in the deep and a single is taken.

18.3 - J Faulkner to S Iyer

Very full on middle, almost a yorker, dug out back to the bowler.

18.2 - J Faulkner to P Cummins

OUT! Cummins holes out! Full length delivery, angling away, Cummins looks to have a go at it. Goes through with his heave but mistimes it. The ball travels straight to Smith at long on, who doesn't make any mistake. That's a big wicket. Is there a twist in tale? The replay shows that after Faulkner bowled that ball, he slipped in his followthrough. He seems to have hurt himself there and so the physio is out to treat him.

18.1 - J Faulkner to S Iyer

Full outside off, driven hard to long off for a single.