RPS vs MI, FINAL, Indian Premier League 2017, 21 May 2017

(20 ov)
(20.0 ov)

Mumbai Indians won by 1 run

Scorecard Summary

Mumbai Indians
Rising Pune Supergiant
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Ov 20: 4 W W 1b 2 W ( 7 Runs, 3 Wkts )

19.6 - M Johnson to D Christian

OUT! MUMBAI ARE THE 2017 INDIAN T20 LEAGUE CHAMPIONS! What a game it has been! Christian is run out! Full on the middle, he flicks it through mid-wicket. Suchith the substitute, runs to his left in the deep, fumbles a couple of times before releasing the ball. Hurls a good, flat throw to his keeper though. The batsmen go for the third run but can't complete it as Parthiv takes the bails off. Sundar and Christian failed to cross each other and so the latter is the one who is run out. MUMBAI WIN BY 1 RUN!

19.5 - M Johnson to D Christian

Dropped! Massive moment in the game! Full on middle, Christian clears his front leg and whips it over mid-wicket. Hardik in the deep, runs forward, dives ahead, gets both the hands to it but ends up spilling it. A brace is taken off the drop. 4 NEEDED OFF THE LAST BALL!

19.4 - M Johnson to W Sundar

Bye! Yorker around off, Sundar fails to dig it out and the ball whizzes just past the off pole. The batsmen run for a bye. Parthiv behind the stumps, has a shy at the striker's end but misses. A bye is taken. Most importantly for Pune, Christian is on strike!

19.3 - M Johnson to S Smith

OUT! The skipper departs! What a moment in the game! Full outside off, Smith looks to carve it over cover-point but finds the only fielder in the deep there. The ball is swirling but Rayudu takes a great catch under pressure. After conceding boundary off the first ball, Johnson has taken back-to-back wickets!

19.2 - M Johnson to M Tiwary

OUT! Tiwary holes out! Full on the stumps, Tiwary looks to loft it over long on but fails to get it off the meat. The ball goes straight to Pollard in the deep, who doesn't make any mistake. This game is swinging like a pendulum.

19.1 - M Johnson to M Tiwary

FOUR! Slower delivery to start off, Tiwary gets across and sweeps it over square leg. Gets his placement dead right and the ball races to the fence. Just the start Pune wanted. Now, 7 needed off 5 balls.
Ov 19: 1 1 1 1lb 6 2 ( 12 Runs )

18.6 - J Bumrah to S Smith

High full toss on the pads, Smith flicks it over square leg. A brace is taken. Smith wants a no ball for height and is not happy with the decision. However, the replay shows that the ball is fine. This brings the half century as well for the Pune skipper.

18.5 - J Bumrah to S Smith

SIX! Beauty! Pure beauty! Full outside off, Smith launches it over long off for a biggie. That's absolutely smashing shot. After bowling four great deliveries, Bumrah concedes a biggie. Big moment in the game, this!

18.4 - J Bumrah to M Tiwary

Leg bye! Very full down the leg side, Tiwary clears his front leg and looks to flick it away but misses and gets rapped on the pads.

18.3 - J Bumrah to S Smith

Excellent cricket all around! Bumrah bowls a yorker on middle, Smith digs it out superbly through wide mid on. Hardik in the deep charges to the ball and keeps it down to a single.

18.2 - J Bumrah to M Tiwary

Slower one outside off, Tiwary is deceived and somehow pushes it to covers for a run.

18.1 - J Bumrah to S Smith

In the air... but safe! Full toss, Smith looks to clobber it over deep mid-wicket but gets it from the higher part of the bat. Hardik in the deep, charges to the ball but the ball falls short of him. A single is taken.