PAK vs SL, 2nd T20I, Pakistan v Sri Lanka T20I series 2017, 27 Oct 2017

(20 ov)
(19.5 ov)

Pakistan won by 2 wickets

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Sri Lanka
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19.5 - V Sanjaya to S Khan

PAKISTAN WIN BY 2 WICKETS! Smiles all around. Take a bow, Shadab Khan. A youngster with a calm head. Doesn't get carried away. Maintains his cool. Knows only two runs are needed and hence doesn't try anything fancy. Just bunts a full ball down the ground, his partner is aware of the plan. By the time the long on fielder gets to the ball, they complete two runs. Brilliant. Outstanding. 2-0, Pakistan!

19.4 - V Sanjaya to S Khan

SIX! Go fetch that! Shadab Khan is a superstar! He has absolutely murdered that delivery from his sight. It's right in the slot, full and on middle, Shadab makes room and launches it over the bowler's head for a maximum. Wow, talk about pressure and this young wonder kid dealing with it without any fuss. Just two more needed.

19.3 - V Sanjaya to H Ali

DROPPED! COSTLY MISS! A full length ball around off, Hasan winds up for a big shot but ends up slicing it in the air towards long off. Gunathilaka rushes across to his left from the deep, puts in a leap but fails to hold on to the catch. It bursts through his hands, rolls behind and by the time it's retrieved, the batsmen take three runs.

19.2 - V Sanjaya to S Khan

Full and on middle, forced down to long on for one.

19.1 - V Sanjaya to F Ashraf

OUT! A wicket first ball makes it even more interesting. Very full in length ball on leg, Fahim swings his bat across the line although there wasn't enough room available. He fails to time his shot well and gets caught at long on by Gunathilaka.
Ov 19: 0 1 1 1 0 1lb ( 4 Runs )

18.6 - I Udana to F Ashraf

Appeal for an lbw, not entertained. Angling into the batsman, Ashraf tries heaving but misses and is hit on the pads. Missing leg, hence the umpire showed no interest. Only 4 from the over.

18.5 - I Udana to F Ashraf

Yorker outside off, a swing and a miss by Fahim. Lovely bowling.

18.4 - I Udana to S Khan

Another wild slog resulting in an inside edge onto the pads. A run stolen. 13 needed from 8 balls.

18.3 - I Udana to F Ashraf

Goes for a big heave over the leg side but gets an inside edge down to long leg. A single taken.

18.2 - I Udana to S Khan

Spears in a very full ball on middle, Shadab digs it out on the leg side and scampers across to the other end. Udana has a shy at the bowler's end but misses. Shadab would have been a goner.

18.1 - I Udana to S Khan

NOT OUT! Udana steams in from around the wicket and angles in a length ball from wide of the crease. Shadab drives it straight back and the bowler moves across to his right to stop the ball. But the non-striker who was already down the track tries to return and gets in the bowler's way and in the process the ball gets deflected off his bat. Now then, Sri Lanka are appealing for obstructing the field. Hmmm...interesting. The umpires go upstairs and after watching the replays the third umpire decides that it wasn't intentional from Ashraf. Get on with the game.