IND vs NZ, 3rd T20, India v New Zealand T20I Series 2017, 07 Nov 2017

(8 ov)
(8.0 ov)

India won by 6 runs

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New Zealand
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Ov 8: 1b 0 6 0wd 1 2 1 ( 12 Runs )

7.6 - H Pandya to M Santner

INDIA WIN BY 6 RUNS! Hardik finishes it off nicely. A short ball outside off, Mitchell slashes hard but gets an outside edge over point. Only a single. A fantastic contest even though marred by rain. But it made for a good match.

7.5 - H Pandya to M Santner

That is the game then. Unless we see something very funny. A length ball around off and outside off, Santner swings but miscues it towards long on. So bad is the timing that the ball does not even carry to Virat Kohli at the fence. The batsmen come back for the second. The crowd is happy. Kohli pumps his fists. Yet another series to his name. 8 needed off the final ball now...

7.4 - H Pandya to C D Grandhomme

Just what India needed. CdG can only pull this to deep mid-wicket for a single which means Santner has to take New Zealand home now.

7.4 - H Pandya to C D Grandhomme

WIDE! A slower ball gone wrong now! It is a deliberate short ball outside off, thinking that it will be slapped but a smart Colin lets it go. 10 from 3 now...

7.3 - H Pandya to C D Grandhomme

SIX! BANG! That has gone into orbit! A short ball, around off, de Grandhomme pulls this miles over mid-wicket! 11 needed from 3 now!

7.2 - H Pandya to C D Grandhomme

DROPPED! But has he hurt his finger? Full and outside off, de Grandhomme smashes it straight back. Hardik puts out his hand for the catch as an act of reflex but the ball bursts through his hand. A single taken. Hardik is in pain.

7.1 - H Pandya to M Santner

Action replay of the previous delivery. A slower ball, outside off, Santner swings but misses. They take the bye, MS misses his shy.
Ov 7: W 1 4 1wd 1b W 1b ( 9 Runs, 2 Wkts )

6.6 - J Bumrah to M Santner

A slower ball again, outside off, Santner swings but misses. They take a bye as MS misses his shy at the striker's end. 19 needed from the final over!

6.5 - J Bumrah to T Bruce

OUT! Bruce is gone! A comedy of errors. It is a wide ball and Bruce attempts the reverse paddle but misses. They go for the bye and Dhoni misses his shy at the striker's end. Now Bumrah tries at his end but misses as well. Bruce collides with the bowler, then dives onto the stumps, then gets back. De Grandhomme is straightaway coming back for the second but Bruce cannot beat the throw coming in from long on. It is referred upstairs as Dhoni takes the bails off. Gone by a mile. But why wasn't that a wide? The ball was well outside the wide guideline.

6.4 - J Bumrah to C D Grandhomme

SAFE. A slower ball outside off, de Grandhomme looks to go over point but misses. The batsmen take a bye again and Dhoni throws it to the bowler who misses his shy at his end. The ball goes down the ground and de Grandhomme wants the second but is sent back. The throw comes in to Bumrah again who disturbs the bails and appeals. It is referred upstairs but replays show the dive has saved Colin.

6.4 - J Bumrah to T Bruce

WIDE! And a single taken. This perhaps slipped out of the hand, miles down the leg side. Bruce tries to pull but misses. Dhoni dives to his left and saves the boundary but the batsmen take a bye.

6.3 - J Bumrah to T Bruce

FOUR! Yeah... that is what happens when you miss the yorker. It turns into a full toss and Bruce is waiting for it. Gets slightly across and flicks it through backward square leg. Fine leg starts to run to his left but then gives it up.

6.2 - J Bumrah to C D Grandhomme

Full toss in line of the stumps, chopped to point for a single.

6.1 - J Bumrah to H Nicholls

OUT! Good running catch! The death bowler brings the game to life again. The ball is full and outside leg, perhaps might have been left alone, but Nicholls gets down and attempts the paddle scoop. Not a safe option with fine leg at the fence. The ball lobs off the top edge. Shreyas Iyer spots the ball and comes running in. For all his fielding throughout the series, this is a fairly difficult chance. But he takes it. Heaves a sigh of relief. 29 NEEDED FROM 11 BALLS.