SA vs IND, 5th ODI, South Africa v India ODI Series 2018, 13 Feb 2018

(50 ov)
(42.2 ov)

India won by 73 runs

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South Africa
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42.2 - Y Chahal to M Morkel

OUT! Chahal gets him the next ball! 4 wickets in the last 7 balls. Chahal tosses it up on off, it turns back in sharply. Morkel tries to work it with the spin but misses to get hit on the pads. The player appeals and the umpire agrees. All smiles on the Indian faces as they have WON BY 73 RUNS AND ALSO THE SERIES WITH A GAME IN HAND!

42.1 - Y Chahal to M Morkel

DROPPED! Another one which is hit with a lot of power towards Chahal. He tries to catch but can;t hang on.
Ov 42: 0 W 1 W W 4 ( 5 Runs, 3 Wkts )

41.6 - K Yadav to L Ngidi

FOUR! No hat-trick! Ngidi smashes this full ball outside off through mid off for a boundary.

41.5 - K Yadav to T Shamsi

OUT! Brilliant by Pandya, that has stuck. Shamsi bags a golden duck and Kuldeep gets two-in-two. He flights the ball on middle, Shamsi tries to loft it but does not get the distance. He only hits it high up in the air towards long on. There are two fielders going for it, Pandya and Dhawan. I don't think anybody there calls mine but Pandya in the end from long off runs towards it, sticks a hand out and plucks the ball out of thin air. Fourth wicket for Kuldeep and he is now on a hat-trick. India are now a wicket away.

41.4 - K Yadav to H Klaasen

OUT! Stumped! There is the final nail in the coffin! Second in the over for Kuldeep. He once again is brave enough to toss it up outside off, it turns away further. Klaasen dances down the track and reaches for it but can't connect. Dhoni behind, collects the ball and whips the bails off in a flash. Third one for Kuldeep and a good innings but Klaasen comes to an end. He did try his best but was running out of partners. India are two wickets away now from a series win.

41.3 - K Yadav to M Morkel

A low full toss on middle, driven down to long on for a run.

41.2 - K Yadav to K Rabada

OUT! Caught! Rabada is walking back. All those dots have brought about his wicket. Yadav tosses it up on middle, Rabada tries to go big but it goes off the inner half towards Chahal at short mid-wicket who completes the catch. Kohli gives Rabada a send off before the walks back and South Africa are now staring down the barrel.

41.1 - K Yadav to K Rabada

Floats it on off, defended.