SL vs IND, 1st Match, Nidahas T20I Tri-Series 2018, 6 March 2018

(20 ov)
(18.3 ov)

Sri Lanka won by 5 wickets

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18.3 - S Thakur to T Perera

FOUR! Those are the winning runs! Thisara Perera's blade brings them. This is short in length, Perera pulls it through backward square leg. The ball speeds away to the fence, beating square leg to his left and fine leg to his right. SRI LANKA REGISTER THE FIRST WIN IN THE TRI-SERIES, A 5-WICKET WIN WITH 9 BALLS TO SPARE!

18.2 - S Thakur to T Perera

Short in length, pulled away through mid-wicket for a brace. Just one hit away are the hosts from a win.

18.1 - S Thakur to D Shanaka

Full outside off, driven through covers for one.

18.1 - S Thakur to D Shanaka

WIDE! This is sprayed down the leg side, Shanaka misses the flick.
Ov 18: 0 4 0 1lb 0wd 6 4 | 16 Runs

17.6 - J Unadkat to T Perera

FOUR! 10 runs off the last two balls and that should seal the deal for Sri Lanka. This is a low full toss on the stumps, Perera thumps it straight over the non-striker and holds the pose. The ball bounces just in front of the ropes and that brings down the runs required to 8 off the last two overs.

17.5 - J Unadkat to T Perera

SIX! Telling blow? Full on off, Perera gets his front leg out of the way and smites it straight over long off. The ball clears the fence easily. Sri Lankans needed just one big over and this is the one it seems.

17.5 - J Unadkat to T Perera

WIDE! Full and well outside off, Perera fails to reach that. The umpire stretches his arms, that doesn't please the bowler one bit.

17.4 - J Unadkat to D Shanaka

Another length ball, Shanaka comes down the track but fails to get bat on his attempted pull. The ball goes off his hips to the off side for a leg bye.

17.3 - J Unadkat to D Shanaka

On a length on the stumps, Dasun misses his attempted pull.

17.2 - J Unadkat to D Shanaka

FOUR! Shanaka belts this one! Length ball at a normal pace this time. Shanaka backs away and flat-bats it over covers for a boundary. Crucial one, as more 20 runs are needed off 16 balls.

17.1 - J Unadkat to D Shanaka

Unadkat comes from round the wicket and delivers a slow length ball. Dasun makes room to slash it but is deceived by the change of pace.