ENG vs IND, 2nd Test, England v India TEST Series 2018, 09 Aug 2018

| 130/10
(47 ov)

England won by an innings and 159 runs

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C Woakes
J Bairstow
S Curran
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Ov 47: 0 0 2 1 0 W ( 3 Runs, 1 Wkt )
Sharp reflexes from Ollie Pope, the debutant able to gobble the chance to seal victory for England. In between the rain and the gloom, India have been utterly destroyed by England at Lord's. It must be noted that the tourists were subject to completely alien conditions that would have challenged any side around the world, but that doesn't change the fact they were massively outplayed. The hosts were ruthlessly clinical from the moment Joe Root won the toss, with his bowlers relishing conditions throughout. India showed slightly more resistance today with the bat, but on this surface there was always going to be wicket-taking deliveries just around the corner, so it was just a case of waiting for the opportunity when the weather allowed. The visitors have it all to do now in the series, requiring an immediate response at Trent Bridge, another ground that England's bowlers have enjoyed in recent years.

46.6 - C Woakes to I Sharma

OUT! No need for Adil Rashid who will receive wages for this match for just featuring in it. There's the final nail in the coffin. ENGLAND WIN BY AN INNINGS AND 159 RUNS! A comprehensive victory for them, a deal which is sealed, rightly, by Chris Woakes. Curls it back in on middle and leg, Ishant Sharma moves inside the line and flicks it aerially down the leg side. A leg slip is in place and Ollie Pope there does well to dive to his right and take the catch.

46.5 - C Woakes to I Sharma

Back of a length outside off, it's run down to third slip off the outer half.

46.4 - C Woakes to R Ashwin

The batsman works it down the leg side. One run added to the total.

46.3 - C Woakes to R Ashwin

Ashwin with a desperate dive! This is the second Test after all, plenty remaining. Maybe he should consider avoiding these risks, given there's no real need for it. Cut through point and Ashwin calls for the second. Runs back in and there is a throw at Bairstow's end. Ravichandran dives and just about gets in.
Ashwin has really been in the wars today. He wears another brutal delivery on the glove so we'll take drinks while he receives treatment. England are on the brink of a crushing victory.

Ashwin has really been in the wars today. He wears another brutal delivery on the glove so we'll take drinks while he receives treatment. England are on the brink of a crushing victory.

46.2 - C Woakes to R Ashwin

Nasty! Uneven bounce on this surface again. This just takes off and takes Ashwin by surprise. He tries to defend but is struck on the fingers again. Same place as before. The ball lobs behind and falls just short of third slip, who dives forward to take but can't get under it.

46.1 - C Woakes to R Ashwin

Full delivery shaping back in, on the stumps, Ashwin flicks this in front of square leg but doesn't take the run.
Ov 46: W 0 0 2 0 0 ( 2 Runs, 1 Wkt )

45.6 - J Anderson to I Sharma

Full ball attacking the stumps, A straight blade is brought down in defense.

45.5 - J Anderson to I Sharma

Holds its line on this occasion as it's on a length outside off, Ishant hangs his bat inside the line and gets beaten.

45.4 - J Anderson to I Sharma

A couple of runs for Ishant Sharma. Full and swinging back in, it's flicked through the vacant square leg region.

45.3 - J Anderson to I Sharma

Closer to off stump, a length ball, Ishant this time stays back to dab it past the slip cordon maybe but gets beaten.

45.2 - J Anderson to I Sharma

Good length ball outside off, Ishant covers the line and lets it be.
Oh dear, that's the shot of a genuine tail-ender and not what India needed. Shami inexplicably attempts an ugly heave but is miles away from making contact, and the umpire has the finger up in the blink of an eye. That's nine wickets in the match for Anderson and a great chance to take ten for the first time at Lord's.

45.1 - J Anderson to M Shami

OUT! England inch closer to victory. Wouldn't have mattered in the grand scheme of things, but maybe India could have delayed the inevitable if Shami had taken the review. Seemed like the impact would be outside off. Anyway, Jimmy bowls it full and angles it in around off, Shami looks to clear London with a big swing, probably towards long on. He misses and is caught on the back pad. Loud appeal and umpire Erasmus raises his finger.