MI vs CSK, 1st Match, Indian Premier League 2018, 07 April 2018

(20 ov)
(19.5 ov)

Chennai Super Kings won by 1 wicket

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Mumbai Indians
Chennai Super Kings
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19.5 - M Rahman to K Jadhav

FOUR! And Kedar Jadhav does it for Chennai. A bad hamstring? What? It doesn't matter. He's taken his side through. The Yellow army from the dugout barges out to show its emotions. What a match! A thriller. Wow! Fuller ball, angled across, Jadhav brings his bat down like a hammer and drills it all along the carpet through the gap at covers to finish things off in style. CHENNAI WIN BY 1 WICKET!

19.4 - M Rahman to K Jadhav

SIX! Scooped it over short fine leg! Kedar Jadhav, you little beauty. He gets down and across to a cutter angled away outside off, Kedar Jadhav with a bad hamstring isn't afraid to go low and scoop it. Connects well and sends it sailing over the fine leg fence for a maximum.

19.3 - M Rahman to K Jadhav

Waits back to a length delivery and dabs it straight to short third man. Three dot balls in a row. What's gonna happen now?

19.2 - M Rahman to K Jadhav

Back of a length delivery on middle and leg, Kedar gets down and tries to play the paddle but finds the man at short fine leg. Opportunity missed?

19.1 - M Rahman to K Jadhav

Slower delivery on middle, Jadhav defends.
Ov 19: 6 6 2 0 6 W ( 20 Runs, 1 Wkt )

18.6 - J Bumrah to D Bravo

OUT! Bumrah has the last laugh! Dwayne Bravo departs after playing a brilliant, brilliant knock. The Wankhede erupts! Back of a length, slower one outside off, Bravo looks to fetch but ends up slicing it towards Rohit Sharma at extra cover who takes it at the edge of the circle. So has the game tilted back in Mumbai's favor?

18.5 - J Bumrah to D Bravo

SIX! Another maximum from Bravo! This time over mid-wicket and it goes all the way. Bumrah dishes out a low full toss, Bravo gets underneath it and swings it over mid-wicket for another maximum. 20 already from the over. Surely Chennai can believe now.

18.4 - J Bumrah to D Bravo

Bravo riding on his luck! Bumrah finally nails his yorker and Bravo just about manages to dig it out. But that is not all. The ball starts to roll behind and in fact hits the stumps. But the bails don't come off and DJ survives. Is this his night?

18.3 - J Bumrah to D Bravo

Overthrows now! Adding insult to injury. Bravo plays this to backward point and takes a run. The fielder there goes for a direct hit and misses the target. The batsmen pick up an extra as the ball runs to the deep.

18.2 - J Bumrah to D Bravo

SIX! Bumrah changes the angle and comes from around the wicket. A full toss on leg, Bravo whips this over mid-wicket for back-to-back maximums. Don't go anywhere this game isn't over.

18.1 - J Bumrah to D Bravo

SIX! Starts the over by hitting a maximum. Just the start his team needed. Full on off, Bravo lofts this over mid off all the way for a biggie. Fifty for Bravo and he has surely brought this game back to life.