RCB vs KXIP, 8th Match, Indian Premier League 2018, 13 April 2018

(19.2 ov)
(19.3 ov)

Royal Challengers Bangalore won by 4 wickets

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Kings XI Punjab
Royal Challengers Bangalore
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19.3 - M Sharma to W Sundar

FOUR! BANGALORE WIN BY 4 WICKETS! A glorious cover drive to seal the deal. Mohit serves it full and wide outside off, Sundar reaches out for it and strokes it sweetly through covers for a boundary. Smiles return in the Bangalore camp as they taste their first success this season.

19.2 - M Sharma to W Sundar

A slower delivery, landing on a length and outside off, Sundar throws his bat at it but fails to make any sort of connection. Looks at the umpire but it's not given a wide. Well inside the tramline.

19.1 - M Sharma to W Sundar

FOUR! This should do! Mohit is on the shorter side outside off, Sundar tries to slap it square of the wicket on the off side but it takes the outside edge and flies down to third man for a boundary. Just 1 more needed.
Ov 19: W 1 2 W 1 0 ( 4 Runs, 2 Wkts )

18.6 - A Tye to C Woakes

Skiddy delivery, outside off on a length, Woakes flashes and misses. Excellent over, this. 4 runs and a couple of big wickets in it.

18.5 - A Tye to W Sundar

Shortish and on off, tapped down to covers for a run.

18.4 - A Tye to M Singh

OUT! Not even in the picture! Mandeep is also out of here. Is there some twist in this game? Short in length and around off, Mandeep powers it across the line through mid-wicket and eyes the second run. Mayank Dagar (sub) is quickly to the ball and fires in an accurate throw to the keeper. KL Rahul makes no mistake in taking the bails off as Singh dives in. The decision is taken upstairs and the replay shows that Mandeep is well short.

18.3 - A Tye to M Singh

Goes for the yorker probably but ends up serving a pacey full toss on middle, Mandeep flicks it through mid-wicket and takes a couple.

18.2 - A Tye to C Woakes

A slower delivery on middle, Woakes helps it to mid-wicket and crosses.

18.1 - A Tye to A D Villiers

OUT! Against the run of play, there is a wicket. All too late? Tye delivers a short ball outside off, de Villiers hangs back to whack it over point but fails to give it the full whack of his bat. Ends up giving a simple catching practice to Karun Nair at deep cover-point. 10 needed off 11 balls. The game more or so is in Bangalore's bag and they will hope that the batsmen remaining will do the job.