KXIP vs CSK, 12th Match, Indian Premier League 2018, 15 April 2018

(20 ov)
(20.0 ov)

Kings XI Punjab won by 4 runs

Scorecard Summary

Kings XI Punjab
Chennai Super Kings
M Dhoni
A Rayudu
R Jadeja
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Ov 20: 1 0 0wd 4 0 0 6 ( 12 Runs )

19.6 - M Sharma to M Dhoni

SIX! Biggie to finish but it is not enough! Mohit does bowl a legal ball and lands it full on middle. It is right in the zone for Dhoni who deposits it over the sightscreen for a maximum. PUNJAB WIN BY 4 RUNS!

19.5 - M Sharma to M Dhoni

No, he can't! Mohit has more or less sealed it, unless he bowls an extra. Another full ball outside off, Dhoni squeezes it through point. There is a fielder in the deep and it goes towards him as he makes a tumbling stop. Dhoni does not run.

19.4 - M Sharma to M Dhoni

Dot! This is very full outside off, Dhoni can't squeeze it out and the umpire feels it is inside the tramline. 11 from two. He did hit two sixes off the last two balls to win a game against Punjab a few years back. But then the bowler was Axar Patel. Can MS do it against Mohit Sharma, his ex-teammate?

19.3 - M Sharma to M Dhoni

FOUR! This will also do! Top shot from the Captain Marvellous. Very full and wide outside off, not a bad delivery. Dhoni opens the face off the bat and guides it through backward point and the ball races away.

19.3 - M Sharma to M Dhoni

WIDE! Pressure getting to Sharma here. He bowls this one wide, very wide and the umpire stretches his arms. 15 from 4.

19.2 - M Sharma to M Dhoni

Excellent delivery more importantly a dot! A wide yorker. Dhoni goes after it but misses. 16 in 4.

19.1 - M Sharma to D Bravo

Very full and on the pads, Bravo flicks it through square leg and the batsmen cross over for a run. Dhoni on strike, 16 from 5. He has done it in the past, not once but many times. Can he do it again?
Ov 19: 1 W 6 4 2 6 ( 19 Runs, 1 Wkt )

18.6 - A Tye to M Dhoni

SIX! Make that 17 from the last over! A full toss just what Dhoni wanted at this stage and he sends it sailing over the mid-wicket fence for a maximum. 19 from this over. Game on!

18.5 - A Tye to M Dhoni

A double now! 23 needed from 7. A low full toss outside off, Dhoni mistimes it towards covers for a couple.

18.4 - A Tye to M Dhoni

FOUR! Using his brain here is Dhoni! Sees the ball is short, picks his spot and upper cuts it over the short third man fielder for a boundary. 25 needed from 8.

18.3 - A Tye to M Dhoni

SIX! Bang! What a sound that made off the bat! Length ball on off, Dhoni swings hard and he gets it over the mid-wicket fence for a huge one.

18.2 - A Tye to R Jadeja

OUT! Jadeja holes out! He had to go for it. Tye bowls a full ball on off, Ravindra tries to go big but only manages to hit it up in the air towards extra cover. The skipper, Ashwin there settles under it and takes it. The cameo from Jadeja comes to an end, 35 from 10 needed.

18.1 - A Tye to M Dhoni

Dhoni gets it in his arc. Full and on off, he however hits it towards long on for a run.