RR vs MI, 21st Match, Indian Premier League 2018, 22 April 2018

(20 ov)
(19.4 ov)

Rajasthan Royals won by 3 wickets

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Mumbai Indians
Rajasthan Royals
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19.4 - H Pandya to K Gowtham

SIX! He connects and connects one and it's off the meat. Krishnappa GOAT-HAM has done it for his side. Incredible hitting, 33 off just 11 balls and boy, he has struck at the strike rate of 300. Wow! Slower back of a length delivery, Krishnappa waits, waits and then flat-bats it over the deep mid-wicket fence for half a dozen. The entire Rajasthan team barge towards him and let out a huge roar. A THRILLING 3-WICKET VICTORY FOR THEM!

19.3 - H Pandya to K Gowtham

Fuller delivery outside off, driven towards cover. Doesn't run. He wants to take it on himself.

19.2 - H Pandya to K Gowtham

FOUR! That will do! How smart is that act under pressure? Gowtham sees that the third man is up so what he does is, waits back, crouches a touch and with an angled blade he ramps it over the man there. A boundary results.

19.1 - H Pandya to J Archer

OUT! A full swing of the bat, top edge and it's taken! Hardik Pandya does it all by himself. He digs in a short ball, it keeps climbing on Archer who has no option but to go after it. It takes the top edge and Pandya himself runs to his right and takes it.
Ov 19: 4 2 1nb 2 4 0 4 ( 18 Runs )

18.6 - J Bumrah to K Gowtham

FOUR! Bangs it short again, Gowtham tries to pull it doesn't get it off the middle and the ball races through square leg region.

18.5 - J Bumrah to K Gowtham

Slower bouncer outside off. Gowtham is early in his pull and misses it completely. Where was all his Jasprit?

18.4 - J Bumrah to K Gowtham

FOUR! Wonderful cut from Gowtham! Short ball from Bumrah outside off, Gowtham cuts it past point in the gap. Game on!

18.3 - J Bumrah to K Gowtham

Very good running! Low full toss on the pads of Gowtham. He doesn't connect with his flick and the ball goes towards square leg. The Mumbai fielders are not quite alert and Rajasthan pick up two runs.

18.3 - J Bumrah to J Archer

No ball! Get me some popcorn somebody! Bumrah like he does often oversteps again. Lands this around off, Archer lofts it to long on for a run. Free Hit incoming!

18.2 - J Bumrah to J Archer

Hits this wide of the long on fielder and hares for the second run. Very good cricket all round.

18.1 - J Bumrah to J Archer

FOUR! Length ball outside off, Jofra stays back and cuts it to the backward point region for a boundary. This chase is still alive. 24 more runs needed of 11 balls.