RCB vs MI, 31st Match, Indian Premier League 2018, 01 May 2018

(20 ov)
(20.0 ov)

Royal Challengers Bangalore won by 14 runs

Scorecard Summary

Royal Challengers Bangalore
Mumbai Indians
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Ov 20: W 4 0 0 0 6 ( 10 Runs, 1 Wkt )

19.6 - T Southee to B Cutting

SIX! But it does not matter. BANGALORE WIN BY 14 RUNS! This is full and on off. Cutting tonks it over the long off fence for a maximum. Finally, Virat Kohli can afford to smile, the home side stays alive in the tournament.

19.5 - T Southee to B Cutting

That ball has taken the inside edge of the batsman and thudded into his pads. So 21 needed from the last ball. That is next to impossible.

19.4 - T Southee to B Cutting

Another dot and that should be it. A slower short ball on middle. Cutting goes for the pull but mistimes it to deep mid-wicket.

19.3 - T Southee to B Cutting

A dot! Another slower one on middle, Cutting swings but the ball takes the inside edge and goes to short fine leg. He does not run.

19.2 - T Southee to B Cutting

FOUR! Cutting still keeps them in it with this boundary. Length ball on middle, Cutting heaves it through mid-wicket for a boundary.

19.1 - T Southee to H Pandya

OUT! Game, set and match? It has to be. What a ripper of a catch by Kohli. He pulled something similar in his last game but ended up on the losing side. Can this catch help him win this game? The slower ball on middle, Pandya hits it towards long on. It is uppish but for a second he must have felt he is safe. But Kohli in the deep runs forward, dives and takes it inches above the ground. Pandya gets to his fifty and is walking back. Mitchell McClenaghan is the next man in.
Ov 19: 1 1 W 0 1 2 ( 5 Runs, 1 Wkt )

18.6 - M Siraj to B Cutting

Just a couple to end the over! Excellent from Siraj. He serves a full toss on middle, Cutting can't take full toll of it as he hits it towards deep mid-wicket for a brace.

18.5 - M Siraj to H Pandya

Can't find one! Another very full ball outside off, Pandya can't get under it and hits it towards long off for a run. 21 more needed.

18.4 - M Siraj to H Pandya

DOT BALL! Full wide outside off, Pandya swings but misses. These are gold dust at these stage. Boundary needed.

18.3 - M Siraj to K Pandya

OUT! This over keeps getting better. Kurnal Pandya is walking back. Top, top stuff from Siraj. Krunal goes for the paddle scoop but gets a top edge which goes towards point. Mandeep Singh there accepts a dolly. Krunal's struggle comes it an end. 28 needed from 9. Bangalore right on top now.

18.2 - M Siraj to H Pandya

Another single! Why haven't the Bangalore bowlers bowled like this throughout the tournament. A yorker on middle, Pandya jams it out towards mid on for a run.

18.1 - M Siraj to K Pandya

NOT OUT! There is bat involved! A full toss on middle, this was right in the arc for Krunal. He however, seems to have missed it to get hit on the pads. The players appeal but the umpire shakes his head. Kohli takes a late review. Replays show there was an inside edge. The batsmen crossed over for a run before the review was taken. Nevertheless, Krunal will be disappointed with himself as that should have been put away.