DC vs RR, 32nd Match, Indian Premier League 2018, 02 May 2018

(17.1 ov)
(12.0 ov)

Delhi Daredevils won by 4 runs (D/L Method)

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Delhi Capitals
R Pant
S Iyer
P Shaw
Rajasthan Royals
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Ov 12: 0wd 1 2 1 W 4 1 ( 10 Runs, 1 Wkt )

11.6 - T Boult to K Gowtham

He can't! Trent Boult holds his nerves. Been a terrific over from the Kiwi. Keeps it outside off on a full length, Gowtham lofts it over covers. Just the single and that's it. DELHI WIN BY 4 RUNS!

11.5 - T Boult to K Gowtham

DROPPED and FOUR! Rajasthan can still win this. Need one big hit. Full and in the slot, Gowtham lofts it high over mid-wicket. Iyer out in the deep, gets under the ball, tries to take it but it goes through his hand. One bounce and over the rope. Six needed of the last ball! Can Gowtham put this away?

11.4 - T Boult to R Tripathi

OUT! Tripathi is run out. All but over now? Surely? Or is there still a twist in the tale? Full outside off, Tripathi swings and misses and both batsmen once again take off for the run. Pant throws it back to Boult who takes the bails off at his end with ease.

11.3 - T Boult to K Gowtham

Excellent delivery from Boult. Spears it full and wide outside off again, Gowtham swings and gets an inside edge behind. Tripathi runs and his partner responds. The run is completed.

11.2 - T Boult to K Gowtham

Boult does well. Fires it full and wide outside off, away from Gowtham's arc who prefers the leg side. It's lofted over covers and two runs are taken as the men in the deep mop it up.

11.1 - T Boult to R Tripathi

Good length ball on middle stump, Tripathi gets down on one knee and sweeps it through square leg. Wants the second, but will have to settle for just one.

11.1 - T Boult to R Tripathi

Wide! Full and well outside off, Tripathi leaves it alone. It's across the tramline, so a wide is signalled.
Ov 11: 0 4 0 1 4 6 ( 15 Runs )

10.6 - L Plunkett to K Gowtham

SIX! Krishnappa Gowtham is keeping the fight alive! What a hit, my man. He picks up the length early, it's a little shorter in length, so he swivels and pulls it over mid-wicket and sends it sailing into the stands.

10.5 - L Plunkett to K Gowtham

FOUR! Lucky runs but it's all the same. Short of a length, Gowtham swings and gets a top edge over the vacant slip cordon for a boundary.

10.4 - L Plunkett to R Tripathi

Fullish outside off, Tripathi slaps it aerially towards long on and crosses over.

10.3 - L Plunkett to R Tripathi

Not out! Cutter on middle and leg, coming in, Tripathi gets low to sweep but is hit on the pads. Big appeal goes up but the umpire says no. Plunkett runs in and takes the catch thinking there might be an inside edge. Rahul is out of the crease, so Liam looks to run him out but misses. Iyer wants to review, maybe thinking he can get his man here. Replays show there was no edge and the ball would have been missing leg stump.

10.2 - L Plunkett to R Tripathi

FOUR! Finds the fence. Excellent placement. Short ball angling in on the body, Tripathi with a little swivel pulls it over backward square leg for a boundary.

10.1 - L Plunkett to R Tripathi

Slower length ball outside off, Tripathi swings and misses.