SH vs DC, 36th Match, Indian Premier League 2018, 05 May 2018

(20 ov)
(19.5 ov)

Sunrisers Hyderabad won by 7 wickets

Scorecard Summary

Delhi Capitals
P Shaw
S Iyer
V Shankar
Sunrisers Hyderabad
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19.5 - D Christian to K Williamson

HYDERABAD WIN BY 7 WICKETS! Christian bowls a fullish delivery on the stumps, Williamson whips it away through mid-wicket, the ball rolls in the gap and they take the winning run. Williamson punches the air in delight as he completes the final run. Goes down to the other end and hugs his partner as the Hyderabad duo celebrate their victory!

19.4 - D Christian to Y Pathan

Is that it? No, Maxwell runs around quickly and keeps it down to a single. Pathan plays a lofted drive to long on and manages to get just the single. Scores level.

19.3 - D Christian to Y Pathan

FOUR! More runs! And Hyderabad inch closer! Christian is just not getting it right, he has given away 12 off the first three deliveries. Short ball and Pathan sits back as he goes really hard at that one. Gets a top edge over Shankar, who is inside the circle at fine leg. The ball races away to the fence. 2 needed from 3 balls, Hyderabad shouldn't lose it from here.

19.2 - D Christian to Y Pathan

SIX! High and handsome! Pathan is the man for Hyderabad! Once again he showcases his power, it was a low full toss a tough delivery to put away. He manages to get enough wood on it and clears the long on fence with absolute ease.

19.1 - D Christian to Y Pathan

Williamson is just in! Pathan slaps it back to the bowler, who gets a hand to it and the ball ricochets towards mid-wicket region. Christian went after the ball and hits the stumps with a flat throw at his end, but Williamson makes it in the nick of time. Technically that's a missed opportunity by Christian!
Ov 19: 6 0 4 0wd 1 1 1 ( 14 Runs )

18.6 - T Boult to Y Pathan

Pacy delivery, a low full toss on the stumps, Pathan powers it to long off for just a single. Boult conceded 14 runs in that over and Christian who might bowl the final over has 14 runs to play with.

18.5 - T Boult to K Williamson

On the pads and Williamson whips it away to deep square leg. Maxwell gets to the ball pretty quickly and ensures he contains them to a single.

18.4 - T Boult to Y Pathan

High full toss from Boult on the off stump line, Pathan was looking to heave that one, but he ends up hitting it to long off. They get just the single. 16 needed from 8 balls. Can Williamson clear the boundary and ease off the pressure?

18.4 - T Boult to Y Pathan

Wide! Even the experienced bowler like Boult is feeling the pressure. He bowls it full outside off. Pathan can't reach it. Trent will have to reload.

18.3 - T Boult to Y Pathan

FOUR! Sliced it away! Nothing wrong with the delivery from Boult, Pathan smartly opens the face of the bat at the last moment and carves it between two men square on the offside. The ball speeds away to the boundary. Much-needed for the hosts.

18.2 - T Boult to Y Pathan

Pitching outside leg and the case shuts then and there! Pathan survives to fight another day. A successful review for Hyderabad! Full length ball on the leg stump line, Pathan looks to heave that but misses and it goes off the pads towards the off side. They cross for the leg bye but the bowler is busy appealing. He gets the nod from the umpire but Williamson asks Yusuf to take the DRS. Replays show it was a good call.

18.1 - T Boult to Y Pathan

SIX! BINGO! Pathan delivers the decisive blow! Full pitch delivery right in the slot, Pathan muscles it flat over long on fence for a 83-meter hit.