SH vs RCB, 39th Match, Indian Premier League 2018, 07 May 2018

(20 ov)
(20.0 ov)

Sunrisers Hyderabad won by 5 runs

Scorecard Summary

Sunrisers Hyderabad
Royal Challengers Bangalore
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Ov 20: 1 2 1 1 1lb W ( 6 Runs, 1 Wkt )

19.6 - B Kumar to C D Grandhomme

OUT! HYDERABAD HAVE WON IT BY 5 RUNS! Just how do you hit those over the fence? Just, how? Take a bow, Kumar. An exceptional penultimate over has been followed by an even better last over by one of the best death bowlers going around. A yorker to end everything and it is outside off. De Grandhomme walks across and tries to flick but he only manages to get a thick inside edge onto his stumps.

19.5 - B Kumar to M Singh

So they need a biggie from the last ball as there is only a run from this ball. This is outstanding stuff from Bhuvneshwar Kumar. A lot of people will be expecting for him to go for the slower one but he bowls a seam up ball on the pads. Mandeep goes for the flick but it hits the pad and goes towards point. The batsmen run a leg bye.

19.4 - B Kumar to C D Grandhomme

Another single! This is exceptional bowling by Kumar. He bowls a yorker again on middle, Colin whips it down to long on. They should run two but no, they only take on. 7 from 2.

19.3 - B Kumar to M Singh

Goes for the smart option as he tries to paddle scoop Bhuvi over short fine leg. However, Bhuvneshwar is right upto the mark as he bowls the slower one outside off. Mandeep has no pace to work with and he finds that fielder. Only a run.

19.2 - B Kumar to M Singh

A brace this time. Low full toss on middle, Mandeep hits it down to long on. The complete one, Colin wants a second and they go for it and complete it. Not sure if that was the right idea by Colin to go for the second. 9 needed from 4.

19.1 - B Kumar to C D Grandhomme

A brilliant delivery to start with. A yorker on middle, Colin hits it down to long on, only for a run. Singles won't do it for Bangalore.
Ov 19: 1 2 1 1 1 1 ( 7 Runs )

18.6 - S Kaul to C D Grandhomme

Yes, he does! Perfect yorker, Colin could only jam it out towards the off side. Just 7 from the 19th over.

18.5 - S Kaul to M Singh

Superb ball again! Fuller and angling back in, almost a yorker, Singh makes room to hit it away but gets an inside edge towards short third man. Another single. Can he finish it well?

18.4 - S Kaul to C D Grandhomme

Fuller ball, driven hard but straight to Williamson at extra cover. Only a single. What an over this is turning out to be.

18.3 - S Kaul to M Singh

Safe and truly in! Back of a length delivery outside off, Mandeep bottom edges his attempted cut shot behind the keeper and Colin asks him to cross. Saha underarms a throw at the striker's end and hits it as the batsman drags his bat in. It's referred upstairs and replays fine the Kiwi safe.

18.2 - S Kaul to M Singh

In the air... safe! Short and outside off, Singh slaps it over covers. Rashid at sweeper overruns but then does well to stick his left hand out and stop it. They take a couple.

18.1 - S Kaul to C D Grandhomme

Fuller in length and angling in, dragged off the inner half to deep mid-wicket. A single to start the over.