KXIP vs KKR, 44th Match, Indian Premier League 2018, 12 May 2018

(20 ov)
(20.0 ov)

Kolkata Knight Riders won by 31 runs

Scorecard Summary

Kolkata Knight Riders
S Narine
D Karthik
A Russell
Kings XI Punjab
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Ov 20: 0wd W 1 W 4 0 0 ( 6 Runs, 2 Wkts )

19.6 - P Krishna to M Sharma

And that is it! KOLKATA WIN BY 31 RUNS! Krishna ends the game with another bumper, angling in from outside off, Mohit backs away to cut that, he can't lay bat to ball.

19.5 - P Krishna to M Sharma

Pacy short ball from Krishna on the stumps, Mohit moves across to pull that one. He misses and the ball goes to the keeper at a good speed.

19.4 - P Krishna to M Sharma

FOUR! Super shot from Mohit! Fuller length ball outside off, he slashes hard and carts it through the covers for a boundary.

19.3 - P Krishna to R Ashwin

OUT! Plumb in front! Easy decision for the umpire though he took his time before raising his finger eventually. It is a pitched up delivery on middle and leg stump line, Ashwin camps back and looks to heave that one across the line. He misses it completely. The ball hits him flush on the knee roll, the unprotected area. Krishna appeals and gets his second wicket. Ashwin looks in some pain and the Kolkata skipper is trying to help him out. End of a gutsy knock from the home captain.

19.2 - P Krishna to B Sran

Short ball on the stumps, Sran goes for the pull, top edges it to the vacant mid off region. Single taken.

19.1 - P Krishna to A Tye

OUT! Acrobatic effort from Karthik, he pulls off a stunner and sends Tye packing into the hut! Short of a length ball down the leg side, Tye swivels across and attempts the pull shot. He gloves it to the keeper, who flew to his left and takes a blinder. He doesn't even bother to appeal, just raises his hand and looks at the umpire and gets the signal in his favor.

19.1 - P Krishna to A Tye

Wide! Bowls a wide yorker, but that is too wide and Tye can't reach it. The umpire signals wide.
Ov 19: 6 1 1lb 6 4 0 ( 18 Runs )

18.6 - A Russell to R Ashwin

Delivers a good delivery, fullish and in line with the stumps and Ashwin digs it out on the off side.

18.5 - A Russell to R Ashwin

FOUR! Clever stroke from Ashwin, he gets a pacy short pitched delivery from Russell, he just backs away and smartly upper cuts it over the keeper for a boundary. 38 needed from 7 balls, so basically Punjab need to hit a six off every ball.

18.4 - A Russell to R Ashwin

SIX! Another biggie from the bat of Ashwin! Fuller length ball on the stumps and Ashwin clobbers it over the long on fence for a six. 200 up for Punjab.

18.3 - A Russell to A Tye

Leg bye! Pacy delivery on the leg stump line, angling down leg, Tye wants to heave that. He misses it and the ball hits his pads. Ashwin looks for a single and he was near his partner and had no chance of getting back. Russell rushes towards the ball and picks it. Has a shy at his ends but misses the wickets. Eventually, they sneak a leg bye.

18.2 - A Russell to R Ashwin

Russell spears in a yorker on the off stump line, Ashwin digs it out on the off side. They take a quick single.

18.1 - A Russell to R Ashwin

SIX! Slog from Ashwin and he manages to clear the long on fence! Fullish delivery on the stumps and Ashwin whacks it for half a dozen.