SH vs KKR, Qualifier 2, Indian Premier League 2018, 25 May 2018

(20 ov)
(20.0 ov)

Sunrisers Hyderabad won by 13 runs

Scorecard Summary

Sunrisers Hyderabad
Kolkata Knight Riders
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Ov 20: 4 W W 0 0 1 | 5 Runs, 2 Wkts

19.6 - C Brathwaite to K Yadav

That's it! Kuldeep smacks it to long off. It's not enough, they miss out. HYDERABAD WIN! The Orange Army celebrates as they know they enter the big stage. Fists pumping everywhere, celebratory hugs all around, ecstasy fleeting about.

19.5 - C Brathwaite to K Yadav

Fuller in length outside off, Kuldeep fails to make connection.

19.4 - C Brathwaite to K Yadav

Safe! Brathwaite fires a yorker just outside off, Kuldeep looks to dig it out but hands it back down the track which the bowler catches. Now, an appeal is made and the umpire isn't sure whether it's a bump ball or not. Takes it upstairs and replays show the batsman is safe.

19.3 - C Brathwaite to S Gill

OUT! Two in two for Carlos Brathwaite and this time he sends Shubman Gill back. Game over it seems for Kolkata. Full on the pads, Gill looks to loft it cleanly over mid-wicket. Lot of height, clearly not enough distance. Down the throat of Rashid Khan once again who settles under it and gobbles it up.

19.2 - C Brathwaite to S Mavi

OUT! The change in angle does the trick. Brathwaite pitches it up there, Mavi makes a little room and slogs it over mid-wicket. Good connection, but not enough height on it. Picks out Rashid Khan to perfection who's not going to miss that.

19.1 - C Brathwaite to S Mavi

FOUR! Shivam Mavi with a boundary right off the first ball. 15 needed in 5. Full and wide outside off, he just throws everything at it and gets a thick edge. It goes down to third man and crosses the rope.
Ov 19: W 1 1 1 2 6 | 11 Runs, 1 Wkt

18.6 - S Kaul to S Gill

SIX! Gill manages to get under this one. Uses the depth of the crease to go back, positions himself well and smokes this full delivery over wide long off. The leaping fielder there couldn't do anything about it.

18.5 - S Kaul to S Gill

In the air but it's safe. Gill manages to clear the infield over covers and picks up two runs for doing so.

18.4 - S Kaul to S Mavi

Keeps it very full, well outside off, driven square on the off side for a single.

18.3 - S Kaul to S Gill

Full on middle and leg, flicked aerially over mid-wicket. There's a man out in the deep, so just a single.

18.2 - S Kaul to S Mavi

Chance of a run out. Direct hit and Hyderabad would have said goodbye to Shubman Gill. Kaul though, giving nothing away once more. Spears in a yorker on middle, Mavi digs it out in front of cover and both batsmen take off. Williamson charges in, takes the ball and has a shy at the striker's end, but misses.

18.1 - S Kaul to P Chawla

OUT! Couldn't have made a more perfect start to this vital over. Siddarth Kaul is right on the money with this full ball. Keeps it in line of the stumps. Chawla swings to go big downtown but only gets a thick edge back onto the stumps. He's gone. Hyderabad mildly celebrate, they can feel it but know there's still plenty left to do.