SA vs BAN, Match 5, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, 02 June 2019

(50 ov)
(50.0 ov)

BAN won by 21 runs

Scorecard Summary

South Africa
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Ov 50: 6 0 1 0 2 2 ( 11 Runs )
I Tahir10(10)
K Rabada13(9)
M Rahman
All done and dusted here at the Oval. Staggering commencement to the tournament for Bangladesh! They have knocked over South Africa to start off their campaign with a historic triumph. Belligerent with the bat and clinical with the bowl despite some fielding hiccups and have managed to trample the Proteas. Bangladeshi skipper, Mashrafe Mortaza, has done an exquisite job, successfully marshaling his troops with great tactical acumen to register a momentous occasion in their Cricketing history. 
Alarming times for Faf and co., though. South Africa in a lot of bother early in the tournament. Naught for two with India lurking just around the corner. Things sliding downhill very quickly for the Proteas. A myriad number of injury concerns for several of their gun players and now they have been totally outclassed by Bangladesh in all departments. That's all from Momin and Rvel from Cricingif's Ball-by-Ball Commentary. Stay tuned in as the hype increments for tomorrow's highly-anticipated game between the hosts and Pakistan. See you folks tomorrow! Cheers, 

49.6 - M Rahman to I Tahir

Length ball outside leg, Tahir plays it across the line dabbing it to deep point for a couple and that's that! Bangladesh open their Wordcup campaign in an emphatic style! They were always in control and never really looked out of the game!

49.5 - M Rahman to I Tahir

Slower outside off, Tahir swings it hard and almost slaps it over cover, the fielder runs in sweeper cover and keeps it to two.

49.4 - M Rahman to I Tahir

Hitting the perfect line, a hint of wobble outside off, getting the ball to seam away off the surface. Tahir has no clue how to deal with this supreme bowling

49.3 - M Rahman to K Rabada

Lower fulltoss that hits the splice of the bat and runs down to the long-on fielder.

49.2 - M Rahman to K Rabada

Spears in a yorker on middle and off stump, Rabada gets to taste his own medicine, digs it out back to the bowler. Some late blitz by Rabada on the previous ball, giving something to South African fans to cheer about.

49.1 - M Rahman to K Rabada

He has that really well! Slower but he drags it down, sits up for Rabada as he clobbers it over the cow corner boundary for a majestic maximum. Brings up 300 for South Africa.
Ov 49: 1 1 2 1 1 1 ( 7 Runs )
I Tahir6(7)
K Rabada6(6)
M Saifuddin

48.6 - M Saifuddin to K Rabada

Over the wicket, fuller on the stumps, Rabada lashes a straight drive that is cut off by the fielder at long off

48.5 - M Saifuddin to I Tahir

Fuller again and angling into Tahir, he gives himself some room and drives it down the carpet for a run.

48.4 - M Saifuddin to K Rabada

Short ball on the chest height, Rabada ain't gonna die wondering there, he tries to clobber this over midwicket, gets an edge that falls in the no man's land. The fielders were colliding at cover but nobody could reach there in time

48.3 - M Saifuddin to K Rabada

Overpitched and jagging away again, Rabada digs it out to short-cover. Just a whisker away now from a historic victory.

48.2 - M Saifuddin to I Tahir

Back of a length drifting on the pads, Tahir tried to hoick it over midwicket but ends up toe-ending it to long leg. Shaifuddin, the young sensation, from Bangladesh, has been given the responsibility to bowl the penultimate over.

48.1 - M Saifuddin to K Rabada

Fuller and swirling away, Rabada looks to drill it past the bowler, gets an inside edge on that and it trickles to short fine-leg.

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