IND vs PAK, Match 22, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, 16 June 2019

(50 ov)
(40.0 ov)

IND won by 89 runs (D/L Method)

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R Sharma
V Kohli
L Rahul
M Amir
W Riaz
H Ali
F Zaman
B Azam
I Wasim
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Ov 40: 0 1 1 1 1 0 ( 4 Runs )
I Wasim46(39)
S Khan20(14)
H Pandya
SARFARAZ AHMED at the presentation ceremony: "We lost too many wickets that's why we lost that match. When we saw moisture on the pitch we wanted to bowl but we didn't hit the right areas. We backed ourselves so we will try our level best to win our last four matches. We didn't bowl in the right areas and India played very well. We had a plan to bowl in the right areas and pitch it up but we didn't hit the right areas. We didn't capitalize on winning the toss and conceded too many runs.
The ball was turning, spinning. India played very well in the middle of the innings. We lost so many wickets in two or three overs and that is what cost us the match. It is tough but we have to back ourselves, we have four matches left and we will try our level best to win them all."

VIRAT KOHLI: "The pitch wouldn't have made much of a difference. The ball started turning in the second half of the first innings. Rohit's knock was outstanding again. KL helped Rohit, who showed why he's such a good ODI player again today. It was a team effort to get to 336. Kuldeep Yadav was brilliant. Babar and Fakhar were trying to play him out, but I wanted him to have a longer spell. The ball to dismiss Babar was an outstanding delivery. I think today was the best he bowled at this World Cup.
I think they outplayed us in the Champions Trophy final, but if you focus on this game as too emotional, things can go wrong. We never approach them from that perspective. We are professional about it and the result is what matters. Slight niggle for Bhuvi, he slipped on one of the footmarks. He's out for two, maybe three games, but he should come back for us at some stage during this tournament."

39.6 - H Pandya to I Wasim

Goes for the big scoop behind the keeper but misses out on that and misses out on a fifty. But that's that. India comprehensively stroll to a big triumph.

39.5 - H Pandya to S Khan

Short of a length, climbing off the deck. Shadab mistimes a ramp shot as the ball flutters behind square towards the wide third man and they scurry through a run. A terrible day at the office for Pakistan to say the least but their WorldCup campaign is not over yet.

39.4 - H Pandya to I Wasim

Slower delivery on middle, flat bats it downtown for one more.

39.3 - H Pandya to S Khan

Round the wicket, slow ball yorker on middle stump, pings it back to the bowler. Very well disguised.

39.2 - H Pandya to I Wasim

Off cutter on length, swatted away with disdain towards deep cover.

39.1 - H Pandya to I Wasim

Miscues a scoop! Back of a length swirling away a tad from middle stump, Imad walks over and loses the pitch of the ball. Last over of the match.
Ov 39: 4 0 1 1 0 4nb 1 ( 12 Runs )
I Wasim44(35)
S Khan18(12)
J Bumrah

38.6 - J Bumrah to I Wasim

Lower full toss served outside offstump, drilled to the right of mid-off.

38.6 - J Bumrah to I Wasim

NO BALL! Steered to the third man for a lovely boundary. Just helped it on its way. There is a marvelous atmosphere on the ground as Pakistan and Indian fans are gelling up well and having a bowl out there!

38.5 - J Bumrah to I Wasim

Sharp bumper, Imad sways away and Dhoni almost shells it back on the helmet placed behind him.

38.4 - J Bumrah to S Khan

Back of a length on middle and leg, Shadab rocks back, shuffles across and swats it away to deep cover for a run

38.3 - J Bumrah to I Wasim

Good length bowl on fifth stump, tries to go up and over and inside out but gets an edge part on that. One run.

38.2 - J Bumrah to I Wasim

What a comeback! Snorter of a bouncer whooshing past the outside edge as he miscues a hook. Bending his back and getting the ball to lift madly!

38.1 - J Bumrah to I Wasim

Smashed down the ground! Full bowl but it's in his arc, clears his front leg and bangs it downtown, whizzes through for four.

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