NZ vs SA, Match 25, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, 19 June 2019

(49 ov)
(48.3 ov)

NZ won by 4 wickets

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South Africa
New Zealand
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48.3 - A Phehlukwayo to K Williamson

What a cliffhanger this game has been! Length ball around off, crouches and guides it behind square for a boundary and NEW ZEALAND WIN BY 4 WICKETS! Kane Williamson led from the front and took his side home in the end. A calm head on the shoulders and that is exactly what is required in a high-pressure game! South Africa will be bitterly disappointed because had they clung to the catches, this would have been a totally different story!

48.2 - A Phehlukwayo to K Williamson

SIX! Picked the bones out of that and he has sent that sailing over deep midwicket for an absolute monster! Brings up his magnificent century and also seals the story for South Africa!

48.1 - A Phehlukwayo to M Santner

Short of a length on middle stump, pulled away easily to deep midwicket for a run. They need a herculean effort from Andile to pull off a magical victory for South Africa!
Ov 48: W 0 1 0 1 4 ( 6 Runs, 1 Wkt )
K Williamson96(136)
M Santner1(2)
L Ngidi

47.6 - L Ngidi to K Williamson

Oh, beautiful batting! Depth touch of the greatest quality! Picks up the slower ball, opens the face of the blade and with soft hands, threads the gap between short thirdman and the keeper.

47.5 - L Ngidi to M Santner

Round the wicket, a fraction short around off, drilled back and the ball hits the stumps at non-striker's end and ricochets to mid on and they sneak a run in the meanwhile. Who will bowl the last over? Andile I guess

47.4 - L Ngidi to M Santner

Plays and misses! Goes round to the wicket to the newbie and takes off the pace, Santner looks to carve it away but totally misses! Pressure piling big time now. What an over so far.

47.3 - L Ngidi to K Williamson

Slow ball, length on middle and leg, Kane gives Ngidi a charge and lofts it over his head, not really timing it well and gets a single

47.2 - L Ngidi to K Williamson

Mitchell Santner comes in but Williamson will be on strike for this. Slower ball, Williamson looks to work it around the corner but gets a leading edge and it almost carries to Ngidi! It almost does! Heart in the mouths kinda stuff here at Edgbaston.

47.1 - L Ngidi to C D Grandhomme

WOW! Colin throws it away eventually! Scrambled seam, sticking into the pitch, no real pace and Colin tried to belt it down the ground, got the elevation but not the distance as Faf lined up beautifully at long off under the swirling ball and maintained his composure and pouched it perfectly in the end. GAME IS NOT OVER YET!

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