PAK vs SA, Match 30, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, 23 June 2019

(50 ov)
(50.0 ov)

PAK won by 49 runs

Scorecard Summary

H Sohail
B Azam
F Zaman
South Africa
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Ov 50: 2 2 2 4 0 1 ( 11 Runs )
A Phehlukwayo46(32)
I Tahir1(3)
M Amir
Teams with odd points. 

IND and NZ are almost through. South Africa will be out. WI and BD cannot go above Pakistan if PAK win the next three games (which means 11 points). So, Pakistan can qualify without worrying about Net Run Rate. #CWC19

Faf du Plessis: "We're not playing great cricket, today once again. Throughout the whole tournament we've actually been good with the ball, but today we started pretty poorly - we gave them a really good start and they probably got 20-30 too many on that wicket. Then we made the same mistakes with the bat, guys getting and then getting out.

"We're struggling with confidence. And confidence in sport is an amazing thing - when you're playing well, the ball tends to fall in your court. At the moment, after losing a few games, it becomes more challenging, especially when playing against a quality team like Pakistan."

Sarfaraz Ahmed at the presentation ceremony: "It was a complete team performance. Credit goes to the openers, they played really well in the first 10-15 overs, and then Babar Azam and Haris Sohail - what a performance from them.

"We have to work hard on our fielding - again we dropped too many catches today - as the next three matches are very crucial, so we have to work hard on these things."

49.6 - M Amir to A Phehlukwayo

Smashed deep into the onside only for one. That's that from Lord's. Pakistan have won it by a comprehensive margin and they are still very much in the mix. South Africa, unfortunately, will be catching flights back home pretty soon.

49.5 - M Amir to A Phehlukwayo

Raps on the shin, a yorker following the batsmen who shimmied down leg as the ball skittles to short fine leg. Andile gets to his half-century, but sadly for him, it is for a losing cause.

49.4 - M Amir to A Phehlukwayo

Drilled away for four! Full and outside off, smokes this away wide of Fakhar Zaman at sweeper cover and fetches four

49.3 - M Amir to A Phehlukwayo

Too many skiers falling in vacant spaces in the ground as South Africa batsmen continue to throw their hands at every ball. Length ball in the channel falls safely close to deep third man region. Run-out opportunity, gone to the third umpire. He was home in time

49.2 - M Amir to A Phehlukwayo

Length, darted into off, swipes it away but gets a thick edge that sails over backward point. They get two more

49.1 - M Amir to A Phehlukwayo

Over the wicket, back of a length around the line off, a wild smash, flat bats it, over Amir's head, cried of caaaaatcchh but it falls in no man's land. 250 is up for South Africa
Ov 49: 0 W 1 1 0 0 ( 2 Runs, 1 Wkt )
I Tahir1(3)
A Phehlukwayo35(26)
W Riaz

48.6 - W Riaz to I Tahir

Goes over the wicket for his last delivery of the night, fuller in length and anxiously prodded to short cover. A lion-hearted spell from Wahab ends successfully.

48.5 - W Riaz to I Tahir

Round the wicket awkward angle, shaping it into Tahir who pats it to mid on

48.4 - W Riaz to A Phehlukwayo

Leg cutter, subtle variation, Andile picks this off the hand and creams it through the covers for one

48.3 - W Riaz to I Tahir

The Lahore born Tahir takes guard. He took a stunning catch earlier on his own bowling. Round the wicket, angled in at middle stump, tapped to mid off, Hasan Ali has a shy at the stumps, misses and Tahir opens his account in not the most convincing fashion but barely anyone has looked convincing from Proteas today.

48.2 - W Riaz to L Ngidi

Brilliant! That's just too good for any tail-ender. Coming round the wicket, it seems to be searing in with the angle but the reverse swing takes it away. He is no way near even touching it and ends up having his off stump smashed! Off goes the zingers and Lord's erupts in ecstasy!

48.1 - W Riaz to L Ngidi

SWING AND A MISS! Nails a perfect yorker! Too good for a number 10 batsman

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