NZ vs PAK, Match 33, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, 26 June 2019

(50 ov)
(49.1 ov)

PAK won by 6 wickets

Scorecard Summary

New Zealand
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Harsha Bhogle: What a player this Babar Azam is. Still coming of age and already, by some distance, Pakistan's best batsman. And the selection of Haris Sohail is a game-changer.

Dean Jones: Pakistan has just woken up! #impressiveperformance

Suresh Raina: Things have started to heat up at the #CWC19 Good game of cricket today! Pak put up a confident front, played sensibly & got the results. Congratulations on the convincing win! #NZvPAK

Sarfraz Ahmed: The crowd always supports us. Thank you very much! Fielding is a very important part of the game. Unfortunately, we did not do well in the previous matches. We practiced hard but the way we played today it was a great team effort. All the bowlers did well and Babar played one of the finest innings I have ever seen. We knew 240 was not an easy target on this difficult pitch and the plan was to bat the 50 overs. Credit to Haris and Babar, the way they played on this pitch. We are not thinking about 1992 WorldCup and our focus is on the next match. We are very confident and will hopefully do well.

Kane Williamson:  We were outplayed by a strong Pakistan side. I think there was a little bit more bounce than we experienced on the same surface that we played the other day. Thought if we get around 250, there was a chance. And there was, but they soaked up the pressure and played nicely. The fight that was shown in the middle by batsmen got us in a position where we were competitive. That partnership with Babar and Haris took it away from us. There are things we need to iron out. We will have to adapt a little better than we did today. There are so many games in the round robin that you are not expecting to win them all. 

Babar Azam: Yes, indeed, this is my best innings. the wicket was difficult and turned a lot in the second half. The plan was to go through to the end and give my best. When we started, the plan was to be careful against Ferguson but when Santner came on, the plan was not to give wickets to him and recover later when the fast bowlers come back on. The fans support us here in Birmingham and that is really great for us

49.1 - L Ferguson to S Ahmed

Back of a length, jabs away through cover-point and PAKISTAN HAS WON THE MATCH BY 6 WICKETS! What a resounding victory by greenshirts and the crowd at Edgbaston erupts in euphoria!
Ov 49: 1 1 W 0 1 0 ( 3 Runs, 1 Wkt )
B Azam101(127)
S Ahmed1(2)
M Henry
New Zealand, after all, are not invincible! In fact, no team in this WorldCup is unassailable. 

48.6 - M Henry to B Azam

Back of a length outside off, patted to short midwicket for a run

48.5 - M Henry to S Ahmed

SCORES ARE LEVEL! Short of a length around the line off, taps it to leg side and scurries through a run

48.4 - M Henry to S Ahmed

Skipper on the crease. Sarfraz shuffles across and looks to work it behind point but finds Guptill

48.3 - M Henry to B Azam

What a wonderful knock and a bit of an anti-climax as he gets run-out here. Babar dabs it and tries to get a sharp single but Haris is not quickest of runners so run out opportunity was on

48.2 - M Henry to H Sohail

Shortish on the pads, shuffles across and clips it to fine leg for one

48.1 - M Henry to B Azam

So New Zealand survived the scare against West Indies but today they have been overpowered by a resurgent Pakistan team. Short of a length, in the channel, belts it away to square leg for a run. 3 away now!

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