IND vs NZ, Semi Final 1, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, 9 July 2019

(50 ov)
(49.3 ov)

NZ won by 18 runs

Scorecard Summary

New Zealand
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Rvel Zahid: This is a major upset! Who would have thought New Zealand could defend this modest total in this two-day semifinal? It seemed like a walk in the park for the mighty star-studded Indian batting line-up but Boult and Henry were deadly accurate with the new ball and left India languishing at 5-3 in the first powerplay. Then a major rebuilding work was initiated by senior statesman Dhoni and the pugnacious batsman Jadeja who almost got them over the line but they left too many runs in the last 5 overs.  Ironically, this match turned out to be a heart-racing low scoring thriller that the tournament richly deserved! Congratulations to New Zealand to reach the final and tough luck India who came so near, yet so far.

49.3 - J Neesham to Y Chahal

It's absolute carnage out there. Edged and taken by the keeper! But wait, Chahal has taken the review hoping against hope. There is a clear deviation on the ultra edge and it's all over for INDIA! New Zealand cruise into second conseuctive FINAL and India is left shellshocked!

49.2 - J Neesham to Y Chahal

Edged and doesn't carry through to Latham! Slower ball outside off, thrashes at it, takes the outside edge

49.1 - J Neesham to Y Chahal

Wonderful placement! Length sprayed down leg and Chahal puts it away effortlessly behind square on the leg side for a very useful boundary.
Ov 49: 6 0 W 0 1 W | 7 Runs , 2 Wkts | require 23 runs from 6 Balls
B Kumar0(1)
Y Chahal1(2)
L Ferguson

48.6 - L Ferguson to B Kumar

Castled! A slower delivery out of this world and Kumar is flummoxed on the crease as he fetches it from the front foot but misses out on any sort of contact. Superb delivery!

48.5 - L Ferguson to Y Chahal

Length ball, off stump on the front foot flick, to backward square leg for 1 run, fielded well by Guptill who has lifted NZ in the field.

48.4 - L Ferguson to Y Chahal

Half volley, outside off stump on the front foot pushing, mis-timed to extra cover for no runs, fielded by Williamson.

48.3 - L Ferguson to M Dhoni

Drama! Sheer insane drama on the field as Dhoni miscues a pull and there was nobody on the leg side to prevent the double. Guptill had to cover a lot of ground and he fires in an accurate throw at the keeper's end and Dhoni is just millimeters short of the crease. Both set batsmen back in the hut and New Zealand are on the driving seat now

48.2 - L Ferguson to M Dhoni

Slower delivery to follow, Dhoni leans into it and just pats it back to the bowler. Dotball is nothing less than gold right now

48.1 - L Ferguson to M Dhoni

Absolutely leathered it! That is a beauty as he hammers a cut shot right out of the middle of the bat and smothers this over deep point for a maximum. Brute force from Dhoni

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