WI vs BAN, 3rd T20, West Indies v Bangladesh T20I Series 2018, 06 Aug 2018

(20 ov)
(17.1 ov)

Bangladesh won by 19 runs (D/L method)

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West Indies
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17.1 - M Rahman to A Russell

OUT! Game, set and match! It has to be, right? Well, looking at the way the Bangladesh players are celebrating, they surely feel so. A low full toss on off, not the easiest of deliveries to put away. Russell does try to hit it over the long off fence but it goes off the lower part of the bat. Ariful Haque there does really well to judge it and takes it just inside the rope with the fingers pointing towards the sky. End of a power-packed innings by Russell, he walks back dejected but he is the reason why the Windies have gotten so close in the first place.
Ov 17: 6 1 W 6 1 0 ( 14 Runs, 1 Wkt )

16.6 - A Hider to A Nurse

Clever from Russell. He does not take the single as Nurse gets a thick outside edge towards third man. 14 from this over and they need half of 100 from the last three overs.

16.5 - A Hider to A Russell

Full on off, Russell hits it down to long off for a run.

16.4 - A Hider to A Russell

SIX! Russell continues hitting maximums despite losing partners. Another slower ball on off, Russell this time picks it and once you do that. It is a free hit. He waits for it and then smashes it over the long off fence.

16.3 - A Hider to C Brathwaite

OUT! Brathwaite holes out! Another failure for him. Excellent change of length by Hider. He bangs it short outside off, Carlos may not have expected it as his weight is on the front foot. He still tries to drag his pull but only gets a top edge which lobs towards long on where the substitute, Sabbir Rahman, cups it by taking a couple of steps backward.

16.2 - A Hider to A Russell

Changes the angle and comes around the wicket. Bowls a slower one and Russell hits it towards deep mid-wicket for a run. Bangladesh will be happy with the fact that he is not on strike.

16.1 - A Hider to A Russell

SIX! This one is colossal! WOW! He is keeping the Windies alive here. This is right in his arc, full and on middle, Russell tonks it over the long on fence. Pressure on the bowler now. They need this to be a huge over, a 20 run over or maybe even more.