ZIM vs PAK, 4th ODI, Zimbabwe v Pakistan ODI Series 2018, 20 July 2018

(50 ov)
(42.4 ov)

Pakistan won by 244 runs

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42.4 - S Khan to R Ngarava

OUT! Given out lbw! Shadab finishes with a 4-wicket haul as PAKISTAN CRUSH ZIMBABWE BY 244 RUNS! A loopy ball around middle, turning back in, Ngarava tries working it across the line but misses. He is rapped on the pads, they appeal and the umpire agrees. The misery for Zimbabwe ends.

42.3 - S Khan to R Ngarava

Flatter and shorter on middle, it's punched back from the crease.

42.2 - S Khan to R Ngarava

Turning away sharply from around leg, Ngarava interestingly pads it away. Everyone is smiling. Even the umpires fail to hide their glee.

42.1 - S Khan to R Ngarava

Tossed up ball on off, defended off the back foot.
Runs Scored: 2
W 1 0 0 0 1

41.6 - S Malik to R Ngarava

Leans forward to a full ball and eases it down to long off for one.

41.5 - S Malik to R Ngarava

Flatter and outside off, hit off the back foot to covers.

41.4 - S Malik to R Ngarava

Spinning away from the batsman, Ngarava flashes and misses. Sarfraz behind the stumps collects it and smiles. He is very chirpy as we all know, this time in a comical mood. Comments that he will bowl and take the wicket.

41.3 - S Malik to R Ngarava

Flatter and outside off, Ngarava goes hard at it and gets it away off the bottom edge.

41.2 - S Malik to B Muzarabani

Goes on the back foot and punches it down to long on for one.

41.1 - S Malik to T Chisoro

OUT! Nine down. Malik also has a wicket. He lets out a loopy full ball around middle, from 'round the wicket, Chisoro clears his front leg to slog it over the leg side. But the ball catches the top edge and goes high up in the air. Usman Khan settles underneath it at long off and takes the skier safely. End is nigh.