ENG vs AUS, 3rd Test, England v Australia Test Series 2019, 22 Aug 2019

| 246/10
| 362/9
(125.4 ov)

ENG won by 1 wicket

Scorecard Summary

B Stokes
J Root
J Denly
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The winning captain Joe Root has a big broad smile on his face. These are his views at the presentation ceremony: "Said we have to believe while there are two people alive and breathing out there. Witnessed some freakish things out there this summer, didn't think it would be quite same again... Incredible atmosphere, just pleased to be standing here and enjoying the moment. That was just incredible, trying to sum it up in words is impossible. Outrageous. He's got history and all that in the bank, but to stay as calm and composed in the moment as he did show a great amount of courage and belief in his ability. Shows you should never give up. He was calm enough to take off his glasses and clean them between balls, he was a big part of that partnership. You've both got to be in it. did a fantastic job, still trying to get my head around it, to be honest. Like to think so, when you're on the right side of these results it carries a huge amount of weight, it can make a big difference. Hard work to do and things to improve on for us to win in that manner is fantastic. Ben deserves all the plaudits he is given."  

Australia captain Tim Paine reflects on the match: "Yeah, it's hard to take, losing form that position, got to tip your hat sometimes, Played an unbelievable innings and took it away from us. Prob the best Test innings I'd see, so well played to Ben. It was, we thought we had enough, bowlers had got us in a position. We'd create enough chances to win the game, but Ben played unbelievably. Joe and Denly kept them in the hunt, overall it was a terrific Test match. You're always a bit worried with Ben, he bats with the tail vary well. Not the end of the world, one game of cricket and we've still got some opp to come back in the series. If you let it, it can, but you've got to play with skill, no emotion. We've created enough chances to win two Test matches. We think we'll be right in the mix for the next two."

Man of the Match Ben Stokes says: "I just twanged my glute, was all right, just heavy-legged. Adrenaline keeps you going, never until it's over, that's what I kept on thinking. The challenges you face at the highest level, there's nothing better than being there at the end. Today has been incredible, still hasn't quite sunk in yet. If it was going to take all day to get the runs, I was prepared to do that. When Leachy came in, I knew we had to go. They might be the most crucial balls he faces in his career, and for him to stand there and do that was amazing. [Celebration at the end] It was the best kiss I've ever had!"  

Stokes has won it for England! Wow! Words can't describe how incredible that was, Stokes has won it again for England what can't he do? It's now 1-1 in the series with two games remaining. This game had everything, how can anyone not like cricket after this advert for the red ball version of the game?.

Stokes has regaled the crowd with his unbeaten 135 off 219 balls. The World Cup hero has won our hearts again. 

125.4 - P Cummins to B Stokes

Stokes lights up the cricket field with a smoking cover drive. He gets it through the gap and England win by 1 wicket. The entire crowd giving a standing ovation to the modern-day legend of the game. Emotions pouring out as his teammates embrace him in euphoria. He is a one man army!

125.3 - P Cummins to J Leach

Scores are level! Leach pats it to the leg side and hurtles to the other end. Just one away from keeping the Ashes alive. The crowd is going wild!

125.2 - P Cummins to J Leach

Short of a length, screaming and kicking off the deck, guided with soft hands to short fine leg.

125.1 - P Cummins to J Leach

Snorter of a bouncer, bends his back, Leach sits under it and watches it get stuck in keeper's gloves. Stokes at the non-striker end is looking very anxious.
Ov 125: 0 0 6 0 0 0 ( 6 Runs )
B Stokes131(218)
J Leach0(14)
N Lyon
A huge decision from the umpire there! The ball looks to be straightening as Stokes goes down for a sweep the ball hits his front leg and all the Aussies go up but the umpire says not out. They reviewed one the over before on the hope that they would get the final wicket, but nothing came of it, this one was a lot closer.

124.6 - N Lyon to B Stokes

Pleading for an LBW! Not given. This has been a heart-racing thriller. If Australia had a review, it would have been stone dead. Just one hit away

124.5 - N Lyon to B Stokes

Executes a reverse sweep behind square, Leach was almost gone for all money, standing aimlessly in the middle of the pitch. Lyon, snaps under pressure and fails to whip off the bails.

124.4 - N Lyon to B Stokes

Flighted delivery on middle and leg, squirted all along the floor to backward point.
And again! Stokes pops one over the long-off fielder to get another six! That target is getting smaller and smaller.

124.3 - N Lyon to B Stokes

Dances down the track, picks it out of the rough and smoked it over bowler's head for a monstrous hit. Only 2 away from making history. Sheer insane drama!

124.2 - N Lyon to B Stokes

Fuller length, negates the turn by his quick footwork and guides it towards slip.

124.1 - N Lyon to B Stokes

Makes room and clattered through extra cover, Denies the run.

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