MI vs CSK, Final, Indian T20 League 2019, 12 May 2019

(20 ov)
(20.0 ov)

MI won by 1 run

Scorecard Summary

Mumbai Indians
Chennai Super Kings
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Ov 20: 1 1 2 W 2 W ( 6 Runs, 2 Wkts )
S Thakur2(2)
R Jadeja5(5)
L Malinga

19.6 - T Thushara to S Thakur

OUT! Fuller on middle and leg, takes the pace off, Thakur misses it and it thuds on the pads! Plumb! Malinga repays the faith of Rohit and delivers on the last ball! What an anticlimax for Chennai! Rohit has taken his side to another IPL title! Hugs all around but contrasting emotions in Chennai's dug-out. Tough one for Chennai as they lose by a thin margin, falling short by a run in the end. A perfect cliffhanger final that kept fans on their edge of the seats!

19.5 - T Thushara to S Thakur

Full toss on middle and the yorker went wrong. Thakur plays it towards the mid-wicket region and scampers away for a couple of runs. We are down to the last ball of the FINAL. 2 required for CSK. Tension everywhere! Some of the fans can't watch and it's time to bite the nails.

19.4 - T Thushara to S Watson

OUT! Comes round the wicket angling away, Watson swats it away behind square, tries to scamper for two runs here, but the fielder throws back sharply on the stumps. De Kock makes no mistake this time, uproots the stumps and makes up for the mistake earlier. This is turning out to be a nail-biter!

19.3 - T Thushara to S Watson

Yorker length again and Malinga's trick of going around the wicket is working so far. WATSON takes a couple and 5 required now off 3 balls. It's getting hotter & hotter out there.

19.2 - T Thushara to R Jadeja

Low full toss on middle stump and Jadeja punches this back to the bowler, chance of a run out but Jadeja is quick and makes his ground in time. Malinga has been spot-on so far!

19.1 - T Thushara to S Watson

Played towards the long-on and Malinga is on a mission here. He needs to defend 9 off the last over. Can he repay for his poor bowling earlier?
Ov 19: 1 W 2 0 2 4b ( 9 Runs, 1 Wkt )
R Jadeja4(4)
S Watson76(56)
J Bumrah

18.6 - J Bumrah to R Jadeja

4 byes! Length ball on a nagging fourth stump line that goes past the blade but Quinton loses the sight of the ball and the bowl flies to the boundary. This makes the contest interesting! This brings the equation down to 9 off 6 balls!

18.5 - J Bumrah to R Jadeja

Slower bowl has been drilled into the leg side by Jadeja. 13 required off 7. Who will bowl the last over?

18.4 - J Bumrah to R Jadeja

Comes round the wicket, angled this away from the fourth stump line, Jadeja tried to slap this away but Bumrah is bowling the spell of his life here, almost unplayable!

18.3 - J Bumrah to R Jadeja

Full & straight by Bumrah! Jadeja brings his bat down just at the right time and scampers away for a couple of runs

18.2 - J Bumrah to D Bravo

OUT! Another one goes down, Bumrah is relentless! Bumrah is getting purchase from the wicket, Bravo backs away to cut this but gets a feather edge that flies to the keeper who is ecstatic! 149 kph!

18.1 - J Bumrah to S Watson

Pulled away into the leg-side and only BUMRAH can save Mumbai from this situation. He's giving nothing away

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