PAK vs SL, 1st T20I, Pakistan v Sri Lanka Twenty20 Series 2019, 05 Oct 2019

(20 ov)
(17.4 ov)

SL won by 64 runs

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Sri Lanka
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Rvel Zahid: This is Sri Lanka's biggest win over Pakistan in terms of runs in T20I cricket and first in this ongoing tour! They were undoubtedly the better side today against the number one ranked team and they also didn't let the dew factor hinder their bowling performance. Coruscating strokeplay from Gunathilaka and contributions from the lower middle helped them post a fighting total of 165 on a slow wicket. Then the visitors followed it up with a very disciplined well-knit bowling display and Pakistan couldn't just get going right from the beginning in their chase. The hosts have some time to regroup, restrategize and make amends before the second T20I on Monday. Do join us again on 7th October 6:30 pm PST for Crcingif's live ball by ball commentary

Sri Lanka hand a 64 run win drubbing to Pakistan.

17.4 - I Udana to M Amir

You might have heard raining boundaries but it has been raining wickets in the last few overs as Amir scoops one inside out shot straight to long off.
Shadab holes out to Fernando, slower ball from Udana gets him, he has to wait for the ball but he is already through the stroke, great bowling.

17.3 - I Udana to S Khan

Holed out into the deep! Slower ball from Udana, Shadab walks across and mis-times his hack straight into the hands of deep mid-wicket.
Rvel: Such has been the ordeal for Pakistan today that their batters haven't yet struck a single six. Full credit to Sri Lankan exuberant bunch though as they stuck to their guns and executed their plans perfectly.

17.2 - I Udana to S Khan

Fuller length, keeps it outside off stump, he squirts it to the off side and the ball dies down quickly. It's just mere formalities now.

17.1 - I Udana to M Amir

Good length on the stumps, Amir stays back and taps the ball into the off-side.
Ov 17: 4 1 1 W 0 4 ( 10 Runs, 1 Wkt ) | require 66 runs from 18 Balls
S Khan6(5)
M Amir0(0)
N Pradeep
In the slot and dispatched by Shadab who takes a huge swing at the ball, consolation runs at the end of the innings.

Puts it away effortlessly

16.6 - N Pradeep to S Khan

Swatted! That's some shot as he clears his front leg, steps to the on side and digs it out over extra cover into the boundary skirting.

16.5 - N Pradeep to S Khan

Short of a length on off-stump, Shadab wanted to whack it over the in-field but only manages a thick inside edge.
Ashraf out now, he flicks one straight to the man at backward square leg and the catch is taken.

16.4 - N Pradeep to F Ashraf

Looping full toss flicked straight to Gunathilaka at square leg. They are checking the no ball but some part of his landing foot was behind the popping crease so Faheem misfires as well. All the players staging a comeback into the side had a bad day at the office.

16.3 - N Pradeep to S Khan

Full length ball on off-stump, driven straight to sweeper cover.
Well disguised slower delivery.

16.2 - N Pradeep to F Ashraf

Too early into the pull shot, it came off the splice of the bat and the ball died down quickly on the turf but they get a scampered run

16.1 - N Pradeep to F Ashraf

Gets a four! Length ball on the stumps, Faheem gets under it really well and hammers it over the in-field quite comfortably.

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