PAK vs SL, 3rd T20I, Pakistan v Sri Lanka Twenty20 Series 2019, 09 Oct 2019

(20 ov)
(20.0 ov)

SL won by 13 runs

Scorecard Summary

Sri Lanka
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Ov 20: 0wd 1 6 2 2 1 1 ( 14 Runs ) | require 14 runs from 0 Ball
I Ahmed17(8)
W Riaz12(6)
L Madushanka
Wow! Another win for Sri Lanka they seal the end of the series with a crushing 3-0 win away in Pakistan, in their wildest dreams this would've been a long shot, but today they managed to defend a small total with some brilliant consistent bowling. A good bowling contest between the two teams but in the end the person that stood out was Oshada Fernando on his debut, he played his innings with class and quality. Pakistan now have a lot to answer for with this result, how do they come back from this one after being unable to chase a score all series? Some serious changes need to be made if they want to come back from this crushing defeat in time for the World Cup.

Smiles all around in Sri Lanka's camp and long faces in the Pakistan camp.

19.6 - L Madushanka to I Ahmed

Slower one on a shorter length outside off, he makes room and thwacks it away to deep cover for a run and Pakistan's misery comes to end. It's another impressive performance from Sri Lankans who have cleaned sweep the number one side in their own backyard!

19.5 - L Madushanka to W Riaz

Dishes out a rank full toss outside off, he drills it down to long on for a run

19.4 - L Madushanka to W Riaz

Unable to put this juicy full toss away, gets the splice of the bat and the ball dribbles away to midwicket.

19.3 - L Madushanka to W Riaz

Fuller length, swerving away outside off, he threw the kitchen sink at it and it fell short of deep backward point, they get a double
Riaz crunches one over the bowler for a vital six! Half-volley from the bowler that was always going to be put away from Riaz, can they do this?.

19.2 - L Madushanka to W Riaz

Juicy delivery in the arc as Wahab biffs this over the bowler's head into the sightscreen!

19.1 - L Madushanka to I Ahmed

Excellent delivery, wide yorker, he squirts it out to deep cover and gets a single. Pakistan camp looks stunned

19.1 - L Madushanka to I Ahmed

Sprays it outside the tramline. Wide signalled.
Ov 19: 4 2 1 1 1 0 ( 9 Runs ) | require 28 runs from 6 Balls
W Riaz1(2)
I Ahmed15(6)
K Rajitha
Brilliant over at the death.

18.6 - K Rajitha to W Riaz

Play and a miss! Is that the game? This has been an incredible over which has sealed the game

18.5 - K Rajitha to I Ahmed

Nails a good yorker just outside off, he gets low and squeezes it away to deep cover for a run. Misbah is also feeling the heat in the dug out but now showing it
bombastic batting got clogged up

18.4 - K Rajitha to W Riaz

Good length, zips it in quicker in the corridor, he flat bats it down the ground, bowler gets his fingetips on it as the ball stops at mid off, only a single

18.3 - K Rajitha to I Ahmed

Slower one, carted away to cow corner for a run and Iftikhar is livid with himself as he couldn't more out of that bowl

18.2 - K Rajitha to I Ahmed

Tried to heave it over long off, couldn't get the meat of the bat and scampers back for the second run! Iftikhar hasn't given up yet
Brilliant timing for Iftikhar, showing why he should've been in earlier, he drives the full-toss straight down the ground for four.

18.1 - K Rajitha to I Ahmed

Pumps it down the ground! Picks the length early and panned it to the rope, long on ran across it just to see it sailing over the rope. Clean hit!

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