KK vs MS, 19th Match, Pakistan Super League PSL 2020, 06 March 2020

(16.5 ov)
Did not Bat

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Multan Sultans
S Afridi
M Ali
S Tanvir
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10:41 pm: The match has been abandoned due to rain.

Rvel Zahid: Umpires made their way into the middle, had a little chat with the groundsmen and went back to the cosy room. It's pretty cold out there and there is a fleeting prospect of any play. Perfect weather to eatsamosas and enjoy a cup ofchai but not for cricket. Some crazy cricket fans are still spotted in the aisles, dancing to the music and they are surely having a ball out there!

If Multan don't bat again: Karachi's target will be 107 if there are 16 overs in the innings, 74 if 10 overs and 40 if 5 overs are bowled.

The forecast calls for scattered showers.

The umpires are out in the middle with their umbrellas and talking to the groundsmen. The rain has got lighter now and the covers are still affixed on the ground.

@MominWrites Sultan bowling attack is more than capable of defending 140ish on this two-paced deck.#KKvMS #MSvsKK #HBLPSL

@thePSLt20 STAT ALERT Karachi's spinners have bossed the middle overs of this match and have found plenty of purchase off the surface. They have turned the ball an average of over 3.5 degrees in this innings - that's over 0.5 degrees more than any other innings of #HBLPSLV #KKvMS

Frustratingly but on the cards, the play has been interrupted due to rain.

It has been raining intermittently throughout the day and the rain was always on the cards. Let's hope it's a passing shower and we don't lose many overs. Afridi is looking dangerous and is set to go berserk

Rain has got a bit heavier and the covers are coming on

16.5 - M Amir to S Tanvir

Flexes his muscles and tonks it away uppishly, no timing into the shot and it lands in the vacant short midwicket region.

16.4 - M Amir to S Tanvir

Change up in length from Amir, bangs it halfway down the surface, ducked under comfortably

16.3 - M Amir to S Tanvir

Nice change-up delivery, Tanvir couldn't get behind the line and fails to connect. Amir is a canny bowler who has vast experience under his belt, not easy to dominate him

16.2 - M Amir to S Tanvir

Good length on off-stump, hits Tanvir on the back leg and ricochets towards deep third man for two leg byes

16.1 - M Amir to S Afridi

Fraction short and wide, Afridi rides it down to deep third man for a run. Can Afridi get Multans to 150?
Ov 16: 2 6 1 4 1 1 ( 15 Runs )
S Afridi34(16)
S Tanvir9(14)
U Khan

15.6 - U Khan to S Afridi

Better areas from Umer, on a length on off-stump, Afridi adjusts his hands with the turn and steers it towards cover point
@hamzabutt61 Only Reason why whole Pakistan is still watching #KKvMS is Shahid Afridi

15.5 - U Khan to S Tanvir

Yelping for an LBW! The umpire isn't interested at all. It came off the bat and got deflected behind square on the leg side

15.4 - U Khan to S Tanvir

Picks it up from outside off and goes through with his stroke nicely, in the gap between deep mid-wicket and long on

15.3 - U Khan to S Afridi

Looped up, slowed it down and kept it nice and straight, he defends it off the front foot.

15.2 - U Khan to S Afridi

Nearly found the fielder at deep mid-wicket. It was dropped short, didn't get up off the surface at all. Afridi had to drag it and almost smashed it into the hands of boundary rider.

15.1 - U Khan to S Afridi

Gives Umer a charge and mistimes the shot towards cover, picks up a couple though. Afridi has made his intentions very clear but come to think of it, when did he hide his intentions in his career?

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