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Cricket to undergo serious overhaul

Cricket to undergo serious overhaul

The Chief Executives Committee on Friday reached on a consensus to introduce major overhauls in the Test and one-day international calendars. The recommendations will be presented in the ICC Board meet up on Saturday.

What we know so far:


Test cricket will have two leagues, stretching over two years.

Top nine Test nations will be in one league, with Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, and Ireland in another.

All the top nine nations will play against each other once in the period (home or away)

The top two teams on the table by the end of the cycle will play-off to decide ultimate champions.

The tours will have to be reciprocated every cycle

Top nine nations will have to play Zimbabwe, Afghanistan or Ireland once a cycle.

Nations refusing to play any other nation will forfeit their points.


There will be a three-year-long league comprising of 13 teams.

Top seven teams of the league will secure automatic World Cup qualification along with the hosts.

The overhauling is expected to be done in the 2019 season as nations have planned their tours till that time.

However, it is not certain whether these recommendations will be a part of the Saturday’s meeting as the basic purpose of the ICC Board’s get together is to devise a new financial model post-Big Three.

If they are not discussed on February 4, then they will surely be talked on during the April's meeting.