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Asia Cup

Asia Cup history and winners list

Asia Cup has been an important tournament for all the Asian countries and after the establishment of Asian Cricket Council in 1983, it was scheduled to be played every two years.

Asian Cricket Council (ACC) was founded as a measure to promote good relations between Asian countries around the globe. The first ever Asia cup was played in 1984 in Sharjah and United Arab Emirates (UAE) where the offices were based.

Boycotting the Asia Cup

India boycotted the Asia Cup 1986 due to their relations with Sri Lanka after a controversial series earlier while Pakistan did the same in 1990-91 due to their political tensions with India. The political tensions between India and Pakistan strained once again and the 1993 Asia Cup was cancelled once again. Following that, it was announced by the ACC that Asia cup will be held biennially from 2008 on wards. 

Asia Cup winners

Sri Lanka and India are the top two teams in the tournament having bagged the title five times each. Pakistan have won the Asia cup twice; Bangladesh haven’t won it yet but they came closer in 2012 in the finals against Pakistan. 

Asia cup history

Here is a look at the hosts and winners of Asia Cup year-wise:

 List of countries hosting and wining the Asia Cup

List of countries hosting and wining the Asia Cup