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I am the city I’m from, says Lahore Qalandars’ owner
Pakistan Super League

I am the city I’m from, says Lahore Qalandars’ owner

What do you make of the PSL final being conducted in Lahore?

This is a very cheerful occasion that cricket has returned to Pakistan. We [Lahore Qalandars] organised a talent hunt – Rising Stars – in October and filled the Qaddafi Stadium. It was attended by international players in the like of Cameron Delport which served as the foundation.

On behalf of the fun-loving Lahoris, I would like to welcome all the foreign players and their teams. This is a moment of victory for us. We are sending a message to the world that we are a peaceful nation. We are a nation that loves cricket.

The purpose of this endeavour is to bring the international cricket back to Pakistan. Will it send the message across the board?

The hype that this PSL has created is very good for our country. The international media has covered the league. It will bring that level of comfort. It will let the world know that we are capable of hosting the international cricket.

This is the first step. I am hopeful that the international community will work with us. The international community wants to work with us as we are the most enterprising cricket team in the world. We cannot go unnoticed. I am hopeful that we are heading in the right direction.

People are trolling Lahore Qalandars on the social media by saying that the PSL final is in Lahore but Lahore is not in the final. As an owner, how do you feel?

Lahore is the most beautiful place for me. What matters to me is that the PSL has come to Lahore. The loss is upsetting, but the next time we will come all guns blazing.

Let me tell you what is said about Lahore:

The tall towers of Lahore, here reside four torchbearers

Here resides Mian Mir, here resides Shah Jamal

Data owns one side, the other, Madhu Lal

You are the most-followed owner in the PSL. Why is that?

It is because of Lahore. The reason is not me at all. The owner of this city’s franchise is supposed to be the way I am. Lahore is Dama Dam Mast Qalandar. No other city has catch phrases for it like Lahore does. People say Lahore Lahore Ae. People say that those who have not seen this city haven’t lived their lives to the fullest.

This is the beauty of Lahore. Nobody can take Lahore out of me. Just like Lahore has not been taken out of the PSL. I am the city I’m from.