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Top 5 bizarre series trophies involving Pakistan
The Bizarre Trophies

Top 5 bizarre series trophies involving Pakistan

The word trophy with origins in the Greek term tropaion refers to different articles captured during a battle; those articles were considered to be ‘war trophies’ because they helped celebrate battle victories. In modern times, sportsmen have the luxury to win silverware as well. Be it individual or team sport, every tournament has a trophy to commemorate the victory.

Some trophies are a work of art depicting either the significance of that event or venue or are just randomly drop dead gorgeous. In cricket, there are many such trophies which are loved by all, one example can be the 1992 World Cup trophy which is with Pakistan.

But today is not the day to focus on these beauties, today let’s reflect on the most outrageous trophy designs to have hit Pakistan cricket.

The most bizarre trophy debate should have kicked off as soon as Pakistan received this trophy in the recently concluded Test series against Australia in the UAE.

The paint dripping ‘B’ in the trophy seems to be the work of a school going paint artist.

Just when you thought nothing would top the Jubilee Insurance presents Brighto trophy, ‘Tuc’ jumped right into the competition as clearly they are the sponsors for the T20I series between Pakistan and Australia.This trophy helped the internet recall some of the most bizarre trophies presented in cricket over the years. Is the biscuit on top of the trophy edible? Asking for a friend.

If you’re wondering this is the most bizarre trophy to feature in Pakistan series, here are a few other contenders:

5. Sri Lanka vs Pakistan T20 series 2015

Haier had been a longtime sponsor of Pakistan cricket. And they were never reluctant in appreciating Shahid Afridi. They took the whole association thing to another level.

4. Zimbabwe vs Pakistan ODI series 2013

Well, Haier were totally obsessed with Shahid Afridi weren't they? Here is Lala as a trophy doing his famous celebration, again.

3. Pakistan vs West Indies, T20 series 2016

Another ‘Brighto Paints’ masterpiece not as good as the earlier one but still. The flameless Olympic torch found a new home, it sat perfectly inside a vase.

2. Pakistan vs West Indies Test series 2016

Haier presents the Peshawar Zalmi Cup, Test series edition.

1. DLF Cup 2006

The time when they took the mother of all trophies to another level. Literally!

Which one is your favourite out of these? Or do you have more contenders for bizarre trophies.