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‘No U-turn taken on player NOCs for T10 league’ – Mani
T10 league

‘No U-turn taken on player NOCs for T10 league’ – Mani

Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ehsan Mani has clarified his stance on the issuance of the player NOCs for the T10 League, terming the decision was no way a U-turn.

Mani had earlier refused to give green signal until fully satisfied about the finances behind the league.

The T10 League, a 10-overs-a-side format introduced by private cricket organisers in Sharjah, made its debut last year, and the success of its opening season has led to an increase from six teams to eight and from a 13-match tournament held over four days to a 28-game event over ten days.

However, Salman Iqbal, the President of the league in its first edition, stepped down from the position two months before the second edition, citing "lack of transparency" and lack of "proper systems and monitoring".

“There was no U-turn. When I took over the chairmanship, and asked for info on T10, I couldn’t find a single page," said Mani while talking to reporters at the National Cricket Academy in Lahore. "There was no information on the organisers, or the franchises or where the money is coming from and the functioning of the league."

Mani explained that the board, other than initiating it's own inquiry under the PCB Anti-Corruption Unit, asked the organizers to provide the relevant information, and also sought clearance from the ICC.

“We acquired that information on three levels. Firstly, through our own inquiry, through our Anti-Corruption Unit. Other than that, the Emirates Cricket Board gave us the required information. And finally from the ICC: On the Anti-Corruption Unit and Chief Executive level both, we got the assurances, which gave us the confidence that there is no threat to our players and they can play.”

Mani clarified that the reputation of the country is a top priority as he needed assurance that Pakistan players are playing an organized league with proper anti-corruption codes in place.

“Money was the last priority here. It’s about the reputation of the country. We needed assurance that the league our players are going to play is an organized league which will be controlled properly, with proper security and Anti-Corruption codes.”