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Steve Smith brushes aside elbow concerns ahead of World Cup

Steve Smith has brushed aside concerns for his surgically repaired elbow after landing awkwardly during an IPL game.

Smith helped his franchise Rajasthan Royals to victory last Sunday when he took an outstretched catch to his right off a mistimed hit from David Warner.

The former Australian captain landed heavily on the right elbow that underwent a major operation in January.

"All good, I just landed on it quite heavily, more heavily than I had landed on it previously," Smith said Tuesday.

"From the surgery I have still got some scar tissue and stuff in there and just the impact of the landing affected it a little bit, but there is nothing wrong with it, all good," reported him saying.

Smith has been restricted to close fielding positions throughout the IPL as his elbow recovers.

"I am throwing at probably 70 or 80 per cent. A couple of weeks and I should be back to throwing at 100 per cent," he said, adding that his elbow rehab was "going really well".