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ICC chief executive satisfied with World Cup pitches
ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

ICC chief executive satisfied with World Cup pitches

International Cricket Council chief executive David Richardson said he is contented with the state of pitches in the World Cup, which he feels provide a good contest between the batsmen and bowlers.

The tournament has not seen too many totals in excess of 350, as was previously feared before the World Cup since teams batting second have often found it hard to get past 250.

The World Cup has still witnessed a fair share of elegant batting performances with the likes of David Warner, Kane Williamson and Rohit Sharma leading the charge on numerous occasions.

Meanwhile, pace bowlers have dictated the terms to the batsmen throughout this tournament as Australia's fast bowler Mitchell Starc tops the wicket-takers list with 24 scalps to his name.

Richardson claimed the ICC did not directly intervene in matters relating to the preparation of pitches and simply advised the curators to make sporting surfaces.

"During our playing days a score of between 220 and 260 was a good score but not now. So our only direction to the curators was to prepare sporting tracks," the South African told reporters on Sunday.

"And what's heartening to see in this tournament is how the bowlers have had a say and we have seen some exciting cricket.

"Of course in ODIs you will not see as many close games as in Twenty20 cricket but the matches have gone deep and that's important."

The race for the semi-final spots is still open as Australia became the first team to advance into the semi-finals after scoring seven wins in eight games.

Meanwhile, Pakistan and Bangladesh are vying hard to replace England for the fourth spot in the final four.

"Even during the South Africa-India game, I believed for a while the Proteas will get a few more wickets but it didn't happen," he said.

"So that's what I mean when I say that the tournament has lived up to expectations and only improved over the years."

'Fan violence will make ICC vigilant'

Ugly incidents of fan violence during the match between Pakistan and Afghanistan marred the proceedings as spectators from both sides physically clashed with each other.

The ICC has responded to the unruly behaviour exhibited by certain sections of the crowd by beefing up security for future high-profile encounters while Richardson said such incidents have made the ICC more "aware" and "prepared".

Richardson also spoke highly about ICC's partnership with UNICEF to spreading the game to various parts of the globe and contributing to the betterment of society.

ICC and UNICEF have collaborated for the 'One Day for Children' campaign in Birmingham which witnessed a special celebration in the India-England match.

The funds generated through this project will be used for driving UNICEF's campaign for aiding children in cricket-playing nations.