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Big Bash League to allow multiple Super Overs contrary to World Cup final
Big Bash League

Big Bash League to allow multiple Super Overs contrary to World Cup final

The controversy surrounding ICC World Cup 2019 final, which was decided on the boundary count after a deadlock in the Super Over, still remains a burning issue but Big Bash League (BBL) has stepped forward by omitting the objectionable rule and have put in place 'multiple super overs' criterion in case of a tie. 

Cricket Australia (CA) has amended the tournament rulebook in a bid to prevent any controversy akin to the World Cup final. There were many broken hearts in that cliffhanger contest where New Zealand ended up on the losing side. Media has been abuzz about the murky regulation.

However, the ICC hasn't yet considered a change in this rule despite the monumental public backlash as they unequivocally demanded a more impartial rule.

Martin Guptill was devastated in the aftermath of that bizarre night as he fell short of the crease in an attempt to complete the second run which would have resulted in New Zealand's win.

CA has taken the popular decision and shown proactiveness with regards to a loophole in the laws of cricket.

According to the new BBL laws, if a match is tied and subsequently there is no result in the Super Over, then teams will continue to play the six-ball tiebreaker until one team edges out the other. The rule is similar to football where penalty shootouts take place after teams tie in the allocated time. 

There is still some caution in the implementation of this rule as it will only apply in the final series and not in the regular season fixtures where the tie games will be settled by sharing the points. 

Nothing seems a remote possibility after what transpired on that historic night of World Cup final. BBL officials have devised a far-fetched contingency plan in an event of a multiple Super Overs tie and they haven't ruled out the possibility of limiting the number of Super Overs in the final keeping in view the venue and broadcasting limitations.

CA's head of BBL Alistair Dobson is optimistic about the response from avid followers of cricket, referring to the Sydney Sixers nerve-wracking Super Over semi-final win against the Melbourne Renegades last year. 

"The Super Over has been a discussion point globally after the ICC Cricket World Cup Final," Dobson was quoted as saying by