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Deciding outcome of match on boundary count is 'not cricket' - Kane Williamson
Super Over Quandary

Deciding outcome of match on boundary count is 'not cricket' - Kane Williamson

The ICC ODI 2019 World Cup might be a distant memory for fans but Kane Williamson is still ruminating over the final that went right down to the wire.

The tie in the Super Over resulted in England clinching the trophy on the basis of boundary count – England struck 26 boundaries whereby New Zealand could only wallop 17.

“It was hard to take,” said Williamson while gearing up for his comeback after a hip injury.

The New Zealand skipper is still trying to wrap his head around the controversial rule that got passed in the first place and thinks the change in the rulebook was inevitable.

After expressing his remorse on the events of that unforgettable finale, Williamson talked about how organisers didn't pre-empt the consequences of the tie in a Super Over in a high profile affair and that novel case might not have been envisaged before.

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"It's not really a surprise it's been abolished. I genuinely think no one ever thought it was going to happen. At times, you think about how some of those decisions are made - probably people sitting in a room and throwing a few ideas around," said Kane. 

There was a fierce backlash from fans in the aftermath of bizarre events of the final game and the unanimous verdict from the cricketer fraternity was to amend the law. Big Bash League (BBL) took the lead in altering the article and International Cricket Council followed suit.

'And then for it to actually happen is a pretty scary thing. It's not really cricket and I think both teams appreciated that.

"Time has passed [since the World Cup final] and cricket keeps coming thick and fast. You're focusing on the challenge in hand and the next series. The focus is here and now."