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Bangladesh Tour of Pakistan

Amid all the uncertainty surrounding Bangladesh’s tour of Pakistan in January 2020, it had seemed that the Tigers would be playing the three scheduled T20Is while opting to play the Tests later or at a neutral venue, but Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) President Nazmul Hassan hinted yesterday that even the T20Is may be in doubt. Hassan spoke to reporters and informed that Bangladesh will only be able to play the T20 series in Pakistan but even that will depend on whether the board can form a good team for the tour given that many of the players and coaching staff are unwilling to travel to Pakistan.

The BCB president said that talks were still ongoing with the players as the board prepares to form the T20 squad. Bangladesh are unwilling to play the Test series in Pakistan at the moment. He also said that there were no doubts about the security system in Pakistan.

“The biggest thing is that there is no room for doubt over the security system being provided by Pakistan. I went there myself and the women’s team was there as well and also the U-16 team. The feedback we received from them was that the security system is good,” Hassan said.

He also mentioned that many of the players and the foreign coaching staff do not want to go to Pakistan. “Many of the coaching staff has already informed us that they don’t want to go. Some of them have said that they do want to go but only for a short period; only a handful though wanted that as most of the foreign staff do not want to go.

“From what I understood from talking to the players, some of them do not want to go. Others were willing to go only for a short period of time. I wanted to know why and understand their mindset.

“One of the factors in their decision was their families. Many in their families are very anxious about the Pakistan series. The second factor is how long they can prevail in such a security environment. It is fully secure and very much a closed-off environment. This is what the majority of the players are saying. They do not want to stay that long under such a security environment. Those who have wanted to go, said that they want to go and play the T20s and return inside one week,” BCB president informed.